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user interface

Post by darren » Wed Dec 15, 2010 7:33 pm

Hi folks,

First post here so a big hello to you all.
I am really in a new world when I apply the Nebula preamps to softsynths - so much depth and life added.

On the strength of the preamps I decided to buy the Nebula3 pro bundle and I think that sonically it's a revolution in digital production.

There is only really one thing that breaks the experience for me and that is the GUI. Taking the page-centric LCD window type interface you would find on something like an Akai sampler from the 90's is, for me, a rather awkward way to present a complex device like Nebula.
Also, sometimes I find the values shown in the interface rather confusing. For example, pushing the 'drive' of a preamp up to 10+ db does not seem to yield the same level of alteration to the signal that I would expect from hardware (or indeed a similar alg only based plugin).
I have read that it is important to attenuate the input to Nebula3 to find the correct signal level for the model. Is there any indication of which input level is appropriate for any given model?

So to sum up: The sound is spectacular and I am very happy with the plugin in that respect, but I think the GUI could be more intuitive (maybe not so much like a faux hardware device) and smoother in operation both in terms of it's physical controls (the sliders seem to misbehave a lot and textual buttons in the LCD are fiddly and hard to click on). The final point would be on a consistency in the numerical feedback provided on things like 'drive'.

Anyone else here feel the same way about Nebula3, or am I missing something or being overly critical? Maybe it's because I am new to the plugin that I find it's usage a little awkward.

Darren Lambourne
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Re: user interface

Post by enriquesilveti » Thu Dec 16, 2010 1:25 am

Hello Darren. Thank you for you comments. Yes! Nebula is like Kurzweil K-2500. We have a large improvement into Nebula GUI to do. We MUST to implement a browser, that include a preset load/save plus and search engine.

We review almost every software sampler and rompler available into the market and I have a general idea about what can works into Nebula.

In addition there is a add-on new software based into Acqua Engine that will help developers and user to document every emulation preset ad library. That software will works with .XML language so will compatible with any Acustica Audio product like Nebula, NAT or any Acqua Engine FX based.
Enrique Silveti.
Acustica Audio customer and technical support.

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