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Re: my requests

Post by SWANG » Fri May 17, 2013 6:26 am

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Re: my requests

Post by Cupwise » Sun May 19, 2013 8:05 am

this one goes along with the predelay. the first main use for standard convolution was for reverb, and you had all these plugs that were set up to allow for a little adjusting on the user's end, after impulses were loaded. like SIR for example. it seems weird that nebula has none of the abilities of something like SIR when nebula is supposed to be more advanced.

why can't there be a predelay? but also why can't there be a control for the user to shorten the length, right in the main controls instead of having to go to the kern page? same with the fadeout length, that should be a main control. and there should probably be a few different choices of fadeout shapes, like linear, and some different types of curves. this stuff would help nebula actually be useful for reverbs...

another thing- maybe the gui should be redesigned to shut out all of the advanced parameters. lots of people like messing around with them, but i think a larger number of people don't, and actually get worried just by the fact that they can see those parameters. it's like the saying 'out of sight, out of mind'. if people couldn't see those parameters, they wouldn't constantly be panicked that their nebula isn't set up optimally. removing that stuff would streamline the program in general. maybe there could be a tag in the nebula master XML that allowed access to that stuff still, but keep it kind of secret or mention it in the manual but in fine print or something so as not to attract much attention to it. that way anyone who still likes experimenting could find out about it, but the general population of new nebula users wouldn't have any idea about it, which i think would be for the better...

things i think shouldn't be accessible by default-
everything except for the main controls.

at least that should be the goal. maybe there would be some things that should be or need to be accessible to users besides those controls but imo it should only be accessible if absolutely necessary. i can't think of anything that falls under that. some things like switching kerns to use timed, would get lost in that, but then it would fall on devs to make 'HQ' versions and on acustica to develop a way to make the switch from a standard program to HQ more seamless.

but it seems to me that a new nebula era/resurgence in popularity would require a drastic remake of the gui, and the biggest thing would be to strip out all of the 'guru' stuff, and for any case where something might be lost to the end user, figure out a way to deal with that, as with the example i just gave with using timed mode for rendering. if the program were simplified in this way it could get more people to look at it again who had ignored it in the past..

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