Fader-Hold Function

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Fader-Hold Function

Post by brp » Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:37 am

hi guys

as i wrote allready in the 3rdpty forum, i d'like to have a fader-hold function for compressor programs.

if enabled, this function would preserve the faderpositions after loading a new program. that would you enable to change the ratio of a compressor (which is devided in multiple programs), without loosing the other parameters each time.

this function may be useful for reverbs and other programs too..

of course, not all programs would be compatible, but thats not really a problem. I think of two buttons in the main screen: 1. enable/disable 2. reset

1. selfexplanatory
2. would the faders set to program defauls value

so when you were loading a program which was not compatible, just press reset and everything is fine.

the buttons have to be in the display, not on the gui, otherwise the guis aren't compatible anymore.

i hope i could you inspire for this idea, or if anyone has even a better idea to deal with this problem, please let us know!!


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