Couple of bugs (wavelab/stereo console presets/vintage iron)

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Couple of bugs (wavelab/stereo console presets/vintage iron)

Post by yr » Sun Dec 12, 2010 1:26 pm


Some bugs I discovered through trial and error:

When using Nebula in Wavelab's master section, unless you are using a preset that has the same core sample rate as the track you are working on, it will not render correctly. It took me some time to realize it, but although Nebula reports everything to be working properly (no blinking arrow next to the sample rate) the src doesn't work well in the master-section. I have tested several wavelab updates up to version 6 and confirmed this issue with Michael Angel (cdsoundmaster). The work-around is to use Wavelab montage when working with Nebula, which will render most presets properly.

- Wavelab montage does not render the AlexB console stereo input channels correctly (probably other stereo presets that are based on the setereo kernel too). The result will nul perfactly with the non-stereo input presets. The same applies to NRGUI (only tested the free version 1.5.1a)- the stereo input presets will be rendered the same way as the non-stereo versions (incorrectly).

-In certain cases the Vintage-Iron presets (signaltonoize) do not work properly when used in 44.1kHz projects. I have tested V10& V21 using different hosts, and both presets introduce huge amounts of distortion and aliasing due to improper conversion to 44.1kHz. You can use the vstanalyzer to check your presets at different sample rates and observe the differences. The solution is to prolong the kernel length to get rid of the aliasing (can be done while watching the analyzer to determine the proper amount).
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