Post here your bad experience with Samplitude and Nebula

Serious issues
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Re: Post here your bad experience with Samplitude and Nebula

Post by Mimi » Tue Sep 21, 2010 5:46 am

hello patinete, I have the samplitude11 and protoolsLE8.04, I went through a similar problem and found along with the family nebula, interesting things about my hardware,
and on my software...
What happens in windowsxp32bits , is the limitation the memory usage of the plugin.
I use winxp32bits, and with plugins simple, this is not a limitation, nebula has an engine You need memory.
I use nebula at the protools, and samplitude11... I posted some songs done in both software, protools and samplitude, here in the forum.
And really windowsxp32bits limited yes ...In this windows7 no problem ...
The server version giancarlo commented,solves the problem in winxp32bits.
the fault of the winxp32bits, I use, winxp32bits, because of compatibility.
But samplitude, runs fine with me... and look at the mess around the Digidesign ASIO driver support, very bad.
stay calm, giancarlo will help you ... Rely on family nebula.
A big hug my friend, and hope that solves your problem as quickly as possible.
MIMI(miriam marcelo)
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Re: Post here your bad experience with Samplitude and Nebula

Post by scooter » Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:22 pm

No worries Mimi

I'm just reaching out for a little info :D


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Re: Post here your bad experience with Samplitude and Nebula

Post by scene » Sun Jan 09, 2011 2:28 am

I’m running Samplitude Pro 11.2 and the latest Nebula Pro 3 in Windows 7 64 bit (Asus quad CPU) RME AIO and Lynx TWO C used as AES/EBU inputs from my HEDD AD/DA units.

Here is some strange things I run into:
1. Some libraries won’t show up
2. In some libraries that are sampled at 44.1kHz Nebula does not up sample them when I’m working in 96kHz sessions and some are fine so it is a bit of a mystery here. For example the entire Producer 1 library from CDSoundmaster show 44.1kHz-44.1kHz in 96kHz session and it doesn’t sound good at all.
In fact, it sounds like a damaged MP3 file.

Michael, was very kind and attentive to this issue and guided me through some possible solutions (checking the RATE CNV parameter, trashing preferences etc) but to no avail.

3. Latency seem to be reported incorrectly and again this is somewhat inconsistent because the playback might start fine and then slowly phase when Nebula is used on AUX channels.

Unfortunately, this weekend I’m putting together a brand new computer and won’t authorize Nebula till Monday so I can’t verify or test anything until then.

BTW. I also want to mention that I have absolutely zero negativity and I’m super happy to be a member of this community. Thank you!

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Re: Post here your bad experience with Samplitude and Nebula

Post by enriquesilveti » Sun Jan 09, 2011 7:47 pm

Similar issues as here: ... 5&start=10

The error could be by several reasons but seems to be N2P error or corrupted files. You are under x64 OS, so I recommend to download hole AA commercial library again, now version 4 is available.

Cross Platform Commercial Library version 4.00: ... =viewtopic

After install CPCL version 4 (copy N2V and N2P files to their respective folders) do this:
1. Delete all .XML files from Nebula Temp folder (\Nebula3TempRepository\Temp)
2. Delete ~scanboot.xml from Nebula Setups folder (\Nebula3TempRepository\Setups)

If this not fix it, enable log mode that should show us which emulation presets have errors.

Code: Select all

228-172 >caching file 135/260: GEQ FREE<
228-172 >memory block #: FSYS 256311856/64/9305942<
228-172 >memory block #: FSYS 256528144/209/9306151<
228-172 ***ERROR***> GEQ FREE
228-172 >caching file 148/260: MEGA_DISTORTION<
228-172 >memory block #: FSYS 256311856/64/9305942<
228-172 >memory block #: FSYS 256527856/216/9306158<
228-172 >caching file 149/260: MMP_BLUESGTR2<
228-172 >memory block #: FSYS 256311856/64/9305942<
228-172 >memory block #: FSYS 256527856/214/9306156<
228-172 ***ERROR***> MMP_BLUESGTR2
228-172 >caching file 150/260: MMP_CSS1ST3<
228-172 >memory block #: FSYS 256311856/64/9305942<
228-172 >memory block #: FSYS 256528144/212/9306154<
Acustica Audio crash or bug report: ... =viewtopic

We are going to upgrade to W7 x64 with Samplitude PRO 11.20 with RME fireface 800. Please contact me thru a MP if CPCL version 4 does not solve the problem.
Enrique Silveti.
Acustica Audio customer and technical support.

MBP 11.5 (W8.1 | OSX 10.10.5 | i7-4870 | 16 GB | 512 SSD)
SP4 ( W10 CU | i5-6300 | 8 GB | 256 SSD)
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