CUDA is not working. Version 1.1.035 32-bits

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Re: CUDA is not working. Version 1.1.035 32-bits

Post by zaminx » Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:12 pm

Lukedz wrote:
giancarlo wrote:found the bug for ALL versions.
I'll release 32 bit cudabridge for cuda 3.0 now.
I'll release 64 bit cudabridge for cuda 3.0 this evening.

The question is directed to mac osx users now. I'm asking if they need the fix for cuda 2.3, or if it's better to release directly cuda 3.0.
As a mac osx user I think its better to release directly cuda 3.0.


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Re: CUDA is not working. Version 1.1.035 32-bits

Post by Mercado_Negro » Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:16 pm

Giancarlo, thank you so much for latest Cuda Bridge version (1.1.036). It works perfectly ok here. One minor issue, I think you labeled the x64 incorrectly, the installer's name is CudaBridge64 1.1.035 and it should say CudaBridge64 1.1.036 (I'm sure it is a new version because it works).

There's another thing. I can confirm you CANNOT SUCCESSFULLY RUN CUDA 32-BITS IN A 64-BITS SYSTEM. Why? Quite simple, in a x64 system to have to install x64 drivers and these drivers HAVE to be compatible with the Cuda Toolkit, i.e., the Cuda Toolkit has to be x64 and of course the Nebula Bridge has to be x64 too. I think you should mention this in the FAQs section, I tested it on 4 different machines with different OS's and this is my conclusion.

Oh, and there's something else (sorry for being a pain). If you installed Cuda x64 you'll always get an ANNOYING error message if you try to load Nebula 32-bits because, of course, it can't detect the cuda driver (which is x64). I know Nebula tries to load the cuda driver and bridge when it's initializing but could you please try to solve this somehow?
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