presonus studio one nebula 1.3.601 locks entire system

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Re: presonus studio one nebula 1.3.601 locks entire system

Post by enriquesilveti » Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:08 am

jorismak wrote:Finally had a chance to test 1.3.602 full setup.
It seems to be working! I did not do anything to my nebula repository, but removed all the acustica directories in both 'Program Files (x86)' and 'Program Files', reinstalled, relicensed, and seems to be OK now. Had a good testing session in Studio One 2.6 and no weirdness.

Still a couple of smaller things though: I have a few copies of Nebula VST .dll's + xml's created with the latest test release of Nebula Setups. These work fine under Reaper x64 but Studio One (x64, 2.6) lists them, but just does nothing when you drag it to a track. I made sure I changed the 'magic' in all the XML files so they all have something different, but still it refuses to add them. The original 'Nebula3' and 'Nebula3 Reverb' by the installer work fine though.

Another thing - which might be interface related - is that my interface has blocksizes of '96', '192', '288'. Not what I call the regular '64', '128', '256'. So Studio One runs as a block size of 288. And I get all kinds of stutters and crackling, with only a single instance of Nebula (and no VST's what so ever, only a single track). Studio One has an option to use a different 'internal blocksize', which I can set to 256. And suddenly all audio works and I can add a lot of Nebula instances without problems. Even internal blocksizes of 128 work OK. It seems Nebula (under Studio One?) has problems with 'strange' blocksizes?

Anyway, thanks! I don't have NebulaSetups working, but the original (with all of my libraries) works OK now and I have figured out the internal blocksize thing. So it works! But still a bit of weird things :).
Please send me an email bout this and I will send to Presonus QA guy for check.
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