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Re: 1.3.600 Win 7 64bit, Not Working.

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:31 am
by wagz
I am having the exact same issues and receiving the same error as the original poster, Lowlines.

enriquesilveti, I followed the instructions and repeated the un/install instructions several times. I had zero success. I am running Nebula 3 Pro w/ a Win7 64 PC. Please, revise your instructions on the FAQ. The link you posted( ... =10&t=2569)does not tell me EXACTLY which installer files you want me to use and in which order. After uninstalling, I have been using this order:
3.Upgrade Nebula3 Pro x64 1.3.601.exe

I have been very frustrated with this whole thing for the past few hours(In, fact knowing that you are calling updates upgrades would have saved me at least 30 minutes). Right now (on the one day I need it), Nebula is totally unusable. Please, make your instructions detailed and plain.

Re: 1.3.600 Win 7 64bit, Not Working.

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 6:15 am
by giancarlo
each time you see a black nebula it means nebulatemprepository or nebula are not complete. It doesnt mean you need a new authorization

Every time you see it check two things:
if nebula3.xml and nebula3 reverb.xml exist in your plugins folder
if they point correctly to your repository: open them using notepad and check datapath.

We are working on a new installer, we did a lot of things please be patient.

Re: 1.3.600 Win 7 64bit, Not Working.

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 6:25 am
by giancarlo
sneaky wrote:
need a new version to use a new library (like Gemini's G2500)
Thats exactly it Rich. Im in no hurry to get into the upgrade tangle again though.. Ive purchased g2500 already, I expect great things
Why do I request support, only to be redirected to a forum
I experienced this too and I think because acustica was inundated with questions exactly like mine. Mostly posted in the wrong place(mine were.)

What I cant get my head around though is an upgrade, available as an upgrade to an existing server installation - that wont work until you 1st install the neb pro installation program for that version, before you run the upgrade, while this vital bit of information is buried somewhere on a page in another forum talking about how to install... the upgrade .exe should have included the neb pro installation files.

Anyhoo, Ill wait until a regular user reports success

if you get crashes the correct place is bugs section.
If posts are misplaced they maybe will not answered. Email is not a solution, because we solve via email things like forum access, payment issues and we are pretty slow and, more important, only a single answer is allowed each time from a single person.

install an upgrade choosing carefully repository OR install a setup (1.3.492 is good) and than an upgrade, its the same thing as a single exe. i think there are too many exe in downloads. Each time you install a setup you need to apply your license again which doesnt change.

black nebula was explained above please report which file is missing or wrong

Re: 1.3.600 Win 7 64bit, Not Working.

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:57 pm
by enriquesilveti
LowLines, wagz and sheever.

1. You are updating Nebula with a different or new NebulaTempReporsitory path. Setup and upgrade updater will ask you about your NebulaTempReporsitory called extra plug-in support installation folder.

2. If the setup or upgrade updater create two folders in VST plugins folder called Acustica and Acustica64. Just get .DLL and XML that you need and send useless files and folder to a backup folder or just delete.

3. Nebula and Nebula reverb .DLL are the same file! The difference is the the name and the .XML master file and the data inside those .XML master files. Nebula is so flexible in PC/WIN you can move everything setting the correct data path in .XML master files.

IF AFTER SEVERAL TRY YOU STILL HAVE PROBLEMS. Send me an email and I'll do it by hand each by each.

enrique.silveti AT ... =10&t=2569 ... f=10&t=484

Re: 1.3.600 Win 7 64bit, Not Working.

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 4:18 pm
by jorismak
Ok, I got it now and it seems working OK.

First off, my confusion: As seen on the download page, the upgrades to 1.3.600 for Nebula3 Pro use 'VST-GUI3', just as before. In other words, it should look and work just the same, don't expect any other visuals.
That weird blue look in the screenshots? That's because it can't find the needed .XML file (see below) and it can't load the skin.

Now, as the developer / support said on this forum:
The .DLL files that Nebula (x64) installs, are all just the same. It doesn't matter if you name the file 'my-own-nebula-mess.dll' as long as it has a valid 'my-own-nebula-mess.xml' in the same folder with the settings :).

So, what does the 1.3.600 update do? Well, first of, with me at least it seems to just update the older plugins in 'Vstplugins\acustica' just fine. If I look at the file dates they are clearly newer.

The weird thing is that it installs a second set of DLLs in 'Vstplugins\acustica64', but those are not different at all. But because no .xml files get installed there, they refuse to work, getting the weird looking blue screenshot.

So just delete (or 'backup' :)) the files in Vstplugins\acustica64 and use the files in Vstplugins\acustica, because they ARE actually updated.

Re: 1.3.600 Win 7 64bit, Not Working.

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:42 pm
by sheever
i cant think anything else than maybe something wit the SER?

Re: 1.3.600 Win 7 64bit, Not Working.

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 10:19 pm
by richie43
Have you gotten it authorized by uploading the ser?

Re: 1.3.600 Win 7 64bit, Not Working.

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 11:10 pm
by giancarlo
you are right, it you are installng server upgrade you should furst run upgrade nebula3 pro, than upgrade server. ait happens because we are upgrading also new plugins located in acustica64 - anyway plugins in acustica folder should work. Otherwise simply delete acustica64

Re: 1.3.600 Win 7 64bit, Not Working.

Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2013 1:04 pm
by enriquesilveti
Run again or reinstall your personal custom key.