New 1.3.600 doesn't work on OSX

Serious issues
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Re: New 1.3.600 doesn't work on OSX

Post by Scottf » Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:36 pm

dai wrote:ok so it's not cuda! i'm an idiot :)

nebula3 pro -- got it working w/1.3.600

1. first, open a finder and go to

2. then, go to your 1.3.600 upgrade--right click and show package contents

3. Go to packages, select components--right click, show package contents

4. Contents/Resources/Nebula.framework/Versions, select folder 3.0 and drop into /Library/Frameworks/Nebula.framework

($ cp ~/Downloads/Setup Upgrade Nebula3 Pro x86 1.3.600.mpkg/Contents/Packages/componentn3.pkg/Contents/Resources/Nebula.framework/Versions/3.0 /Library/Frameworks/Nebula.framework )

Im on mac osx.5.8 leopard 32 bit system but still would like to get this going with update, I have taken a couple of attempts thus far..

regarding the above quote, should I use the normal proceedure of installing the installers>Proupdate>followed by pro server update,
and then follow these instructions??

Regarding the very last part of your tip in quote for the server...
I dont understand , when repeating process and you locate server frame work version 3, where should I drop this as when tried to Library>frameworks>nebula I was dropping one step further I think in versions(where 1&2 resided) but then I would get"item exists with same name do you want to replace"

I would like to succeed with this update, And I appreciate your tip, so can anyone clarify, do I still need to use the installers first and then use this tip, and for the last part with ppkg contents for server where do I drop exactly as where there is already versions 1&2 I will now already have "3" from first steps.............

All help appreciated and can someone answer should my compont verion in logic au manager not be reading a higher version to, as after the basic steps of update install of installers it lists as 1.0.0

also when I have tried the obvious of installer packages of updates, my presets>acustica folders> has updated times but alas my vst folder and au folder holds older dates for nebula related parts

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Re: New 1.3.600 doesn't work on OSX

Post by Scottf » Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:46 pm

Is it to simple to summerise the installers are broken
If these steps do work, eventually

ps I have not, each time, even got as far as crashes
I only get failed to load audio unit contact manufacturer
For assitance, each time I try this opening nebula
In logic

So should the update be taken down until all
These obstacles for what should be a simple update
Procedure are irradiated, was this update premature
This seems to have caused an awful amount
Of hassle, with what should be download and install

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Re: New 1.3.600 doesn't work on OSX

Post by FrankydT » Mon Sep 23, 2013 6:56 pm

Just re-download the installer, osx 1.3.600 has been updated a week ago or so. Windows one yesterday
Working fine here on Snow Leopard
Someone has troubles anyway.
On mac side I don't think it's related to OSX-Computer version.
Probably is the 32 bit version (a bit slow here) so I use the VST 64
On my 'old' Mac Pro 2008 2.8 Ghz all is working fine
I work in Logic Pro 9.1.8 and I bridge with Metaplugin or I use Reaper.
I can't say for Pro-Tools

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