Q: skins affect performance - why?

About skinning language and skin sharing
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Re: Q: skins affect performance - why?

Post by dwagrimm » Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:31 pm

richie43 wrote:You are not alone on this...
I won't name names or skins, but I have had periodic issues that i traced to skins that were not subtle issues at all...Nearly catastrophic. When I had problems, Reaper was not even crashing, the project would just vanish, no error log, no event in Windows event viewer, and sometimes upon reopening the project, the audio was corrupted. I discussed this at great length on the beta forum and privately with Giancarlo (privately because it appeared that I was alone in this and I know that this sort of thing can turn into panic and mayhem, which is not necessary..). I have never figured out why this could happen, but I do know that all of the issues disappeared when i went back to the default skin.

My personal opinion has always been that this is not Acustica's fault or responsibility to "fix" since the skins supplied by them have always worked flawlessly and that the other skins are user-made. I have been told by others that Acustica is still partly responsible because they are also providing the platform for users to do this. I tend to go hard-core jerk on this topic and think that the best solution for Acustica then, IF they are to assume any responsibility, is to remove the ability for users to make skins....lol (I hear a few specific "skinners" boiling up right now.....bwahaha). But because user-made skins are part of the old-school community-based vibe around here, I don't see that as a likelihood.

Because until this thread popped up, there has never been a reason for me to raise an alarm because while I don't think it is my system (happened on my previous system AND my new i7), I was still alone with the problems and decided that my solution of sticking with the default skin was an awesome fix. Besides, I like having the same skin for my 100+ Nebula's, it keeps me using my ears and not being fooled by the gorgeous GUI's made by some very talented graphic artists (the compliments are serious, I just prefer not to use them).
This thread will be interesting (thanks for alerting me Kindafishy....)

hmmmmm, mr. doc richie sir, yes the can / box is open and you are not alone...
I have some strange activities with alternative skins too. but I think thats only in my head. now I read your post and maybe thats not in my head? I`ve never done a test with the default skin. my next step.

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Re: Q: skins affect performance - why?

Post by beingmf3 » Sat Jun 04, 2016 1:04 am

richie43 wrote:Ha ha...so now you think that this thread is "solved" and can be forgotten...? You have opened a potential "can of worms", I think that this is just starting now...lol
LOL, no! I was just in a hurry and had to come to an end with that post.
I see that we're 3 already!

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