The emulation preset under test (#8 - February 2011)

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The emulation preset under test (#8 - February 2011)

Post by enriquesilveti » Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:55 pm

Emulation Preset: EMT140VNXT
Creator: VNXT Sound
Type: REV
Price: € 18

Elektro-Mess-Technik (EMT) is a manufacturer of turntables and professional audio equipment, including a well-regarded line of artificial reverberation devices beginning with the EMT 140 plate reverb.

Developed by Dr. Walter Kuhl at the Institute for Broadcast Technology in Hamburg, the EMT 140 used the concept of vibrating a large, thin metal sheet (about 1x2 meters and half a millimeter in thickness). The metal plate was suspended by springs from a rigid metal frame enclosed in a heavy wooden case. The vibrations were generated by a center-mounted transducer (essentially a speaker-style driver) that was amplified and fed from an effects send, with the reverb output coming from a mic-style pickup transducer placed at the outside of the plate. The system’s “reverb time” was controlled (or at least kept from going out of control) by a damping pad that pressed against the plate.

The quality and reliability of the EMT machines became rapidly legendary and the EMT logo became a symbol of German engineering at its best in professional studio audio equipment, the only possible choice for top radio stations and the phonographic industry.

The sound is very organic, huge, smooth and dense that will sustain the resonant tones, drones and percussion without getting muddy. EMT-140 was the perfect solution for studios and sounded far better than spring reverbs and were much cheaper than building an acoustic chamber.

EMT 140S library from VNXT Sound contains 8 emulations presets all of the well sampled using mastering converters, 3 kernels of harmonic content at 96 kHz of sampling rate. Giving a total of 1.40 GB in 8 emulations presets. The main difference between each one resides into the tail length, from 1 to 5 seconds.

All parameter from EMT140VNXT are the same from every Nebula reverb with distortion but two of them are critical for find the right sound.

Mix3 knob/fader can be useful if you are using EMT140VNXT for a single instrument in an insert but if you plan to use it to send more than one instrument through an auxiliary send you can set knob/fader to -oo.

Mix 5 knob/fader will make harmonic content more evident changeing the timbre of the instrument due the interaction between the frequencies and the non lineal distortion sampled with NAT.

The are some other parameter to tweak before before finding the perfect sound, in KERN page you can tweak the tail of the reverb just cutting or fadeing out, or using both at the same time.

For enhance the spatial effect is to setup before Nebula a digital delay as a pre delay, remember that the value may change depending on the source and also you can load an equalizer after EMT140VNXT for remove the unwanted frequencies.