N-TEN-AT4 Acqua VST Now Available

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Re: N-TEN-AT4 Acqua VST Now Available

Post by cdsoundmaster » Sat Sep 03, 2011 10:03 pm

cpu resources for N-TEN-AT4, Nice EQ, and coming Acqua effects can be slightly less than Neb only bc it doesn't have to load anything additional of the engine but what it loads. But I think more importantly, you get your real performance boost by specifically tuning the xml's for your setup/computer. Just like Nebula, the memory use and instance information in the xml can increase instances and performance a lot. The initial setting for N-TEN is based on a low-to-mid level computer, so it loads at least an instance or two with pleasant results. But, for powerful systems, xml editing can add more instances.
I don't recommend auto-updating dll's, as there are internal vst 'id' tags to identify individual dll's within the collection. Since N-TEN has 7 dll's for 7 programs, each one has a unique id tag. This is not auto-generated by a new dll update. And, the dll's used are fast and bug free. The next acqua we release will have a lot of dll's and they will be chosen to work with all systems. We just have to finish Mac and 64 bit testing.

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