Tube FM 1 HUGE update- now "Tube Radios Direct"

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Re: New Tube Radio programs!

Post by david1103 » Thu Dec 16, 2010 1:37 pm

thanks for all the work you have put into this amazing product, and thanks for having such a great price :)

the vocal demo mp3 is very impressive, and the manual is very well written.

i look forward to checking it out properly in the new year when i have more time, i wish you very well in sales :D

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Re: New Tube Radio programs!

Post by Cupwise » Thu Dec 16, 2010 4:31 pm

I decided to add another of the programs as a demo. To anyone who may have already downloaded the demo .zip, all you need is the extra program. Here's the link:

Anyone who hasn't got the demo set yet, I've added the extra program to the main demo .zip, so don't get the above file, just get the demo set from the site.

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Re: New Tube Radio programs!

Post by Henry Olonga » Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:33 pm

Bought these things the other day. Just wanna say dude - well done. A unique and wonderful sound pallete -

Michael, may good things come your way. Your generosity with your time in helping other samplers is much appreciated. This is a lovely addition.


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Re: New Tube Radio programs!

Post by davidperetz » Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:14 am

just used some of the programs on a mix I'm doing and found this library to be fantastic and very useful in few place's. here's my finding.

electric guitars - when you need to remove fizz or fuzziness, when the guitars take too much mix space, or steal the focus from the singer, or if you just want to have that mellow guitar with lot's of bright mid and mellowed treble, exactly like you hear on an old tube radio... think "sleepwalking" by Johny & Santo :arrow:

Reverbs & delays - this is great for echo tape, for years i been trying to get that Johny cash/Elvis Sun sessions hard slapback sound, I got very closed with the R2R and Echoboy but now some of this old radio's nail that vibe with the Echoboy( it's all so new can't remember the name but it's the ones with a sharp pronounced mid do the job!!! )
oh and reverb's through that - got to try that for plates, modern bright reverbs just gel fantastically well with the track going through the radio.
remind of the revers sound's on the first "Suede" album, ultra mid "in your face" kind of space. :ugeek:

Vocals - Here's a sick trick from Daniel Lanois evol audio book - insert the nebulized radio on an aux and send the vocalist to a parallel 50' universe. by far this is the best use i have found for this programs.
if you ever heard Dylan album "time out of mind" than you will immediately recognize that sick sandpaper vibe, where dylan (and the band at large) sound's like he's voice is coming out of a 50' tube radio. listen closely to "Love Sick". there Lanois used a small fender tube amp to get that sound, but that's only because he didn't have nebula or this program's ) :twisted:

electric piano - rhodes and wurlie vs't always tend to sound big in solo but kind of disappear or be "too belly" (pun intended :) omnipresent in a crowded then some radio's (forgot the name, man ther's too much signs you need to learn in nebula programs something like a E004DI---9, Giancarlo Save us !!!) can tailor fit them to the mix, no treble, just pure untainted "Hi mid" think Portishead's trembling huge wurlie, on "Roads", and as an added bonus you get that tiny space that surrounds real rhodes cabs and makes them step a little bit back from the front of the speakers but not into the other room as reverbs tend to do to Epianos. ;)

Anyway I'm off to find other uses for this fantastic creative Library. but just a last thought before i go, finally there's a Nebula program that the "Post boys" (but still not man enough for music studio...), will love to use in the movies. speakerphone - behind you!!!

Congratulations to all involved in this, and may more creative library's like these, come our way ( so who here has a wax cilinder? I can't wait for those old pre war scratchy blues sounds:)


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Re: Tube FM 1 HUGE update- now "Tube Radios Direct"

Post by Cupwise » Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:54 pm

Just sending out emails for a HUGE update of this library, my first Nebula release. If you own Tube FM 1 and don't get the update email today, let me know (by EMAIL). Max again has graciously created skins for the newly dubbed "Tube Radios Direct". I still think this is probably my favorite release, or at least in the top few. I also got a LOT of really incredible emails about this release for a while, some could've been called 'fan mail', and it felt really cool and I really appreciated it!

Although I would've appreciated more if they had simply posted the amazing compliments they were giving me, publicly, in a forum where people could see! It was actually kind of frustrating and honestly, I started thinking that people wanted to keep this as their own secret or something, instead of publicly supporting it (which may have allowed me to continue doing these more creative types of releases rather than jumping onto the comps, which sold like crazy compared to this stuff). But hey it's water under the bridge!

These updates almost make this a new product. Max also added some great skins again... THANKS MAX!!!
Here's the updates:
*library renamed/rebranded from Tube FM 1 to Tube Radios, Direct.

*new skins by Max!!

*everything was rebuilt from the original recorded/sampled tone sweeps. this allowed me to go through and hand-edit every impulse. this was the first libary i ever made so i wasn't doing that back then. old programs had some misaligned impulses between the dynamic steps, which could and would cause glitchyness in some cases- mainly when driving the programs really hot. now you can drive them hotter without the programs freaking out.

*two more radio effects were added, which were formerly only available to the few people who bought my old Tube FM 1-4 bundle from a long time ago. this includes an additional one made with the zenith radio which actually has mostly high frequencies (i'm guessing there was some kind of phase cancellation during sampling) instead of the focus on low freqs like all the others, and another arvin radio program as well.

*you should notice more 'bite' to the sound at higher inputs. this is because the old versions had lots of 'input padding', meaning your signal was being lowered in level before it hit the effect, so you had less input drive. now that we can safely drive the input higher than in the past, the input padding is gone. so louder input signals are 'saturating' more, and you get more compression.

*the harmonic distortion has been lowered in level for most of the programs (it was way too high in the past, which also led to the glitchyness you could get with higher levels of input drive), but this allows you to drive the programs more. the harmonics are still very much there if you have signals going in over ~20dB. if you want more noticeable distortion just boost both the trim and dist controls!

*the multiple 'quality' options with different amounts of harmonic kerns have been removed. now there's only one program for each effect. with passage of time and cpu tech being improved i don't really see any need for the 1k options now.

*attack control has been removed, but the release control remains and has increased range. liquidity control has been removed.

*feedback control added. these aren't reverbs, but the feedback includes a short delay that's based on the DSPBUFFER setting of your nebula instance. because of the various filtering happening in most of the programs, the control can give some interesting results. try it! BUT BE CAREFUL (strongly consider using a limiter after nebula if you're going to mess with this control!)

*programs were also rebuilt, using some my more recent, custom, personal 'templates' for programs.

*h1 kerns are longer (80ms) which makes the bass response slightly more accurate, while using slightly more cpu. cpu increase is offset by all the other kerns being shortened.

*programs moved to new category in nebula, and tube fm 2 (soon to be updated and rebranded to- Tube Radios, Mic'd) will be grouped in the same location when it's updated.

*manual largely re-written, and my logo has finally been added! this library was released before i had the logo made!

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