Behind the Kernel (#4 - April 2012)

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Behind the Kernel (#4 - April 2012)

Post by enriquesilveti » Tue Apr 24, 2012 4:58 pm

Kamil Lazikowski from VNXT Sound interviewed

Acustica Audio: How did you know about Acustica Audio and Nebula?

Kamil Lazikowski: Oh it was really long time ago, before Nebula Pro version. I think new VVKT technology was discussed on KVR or Gearslutz. I have checked that and immediately liked sound. Finally something subtle and dynamic with harmonics both at the same time!

Acustica Audio: Which feature you look into gear before get sampled?

Kamil Lazikowski: First if it is already sampled! And then What is missing in ITB world. Is it possible to get it really close to original? Do I have really unique and perfectly working unit?

Acustica Audio: Which gear was the more complicated to be sampled with NAT and why?

Kamil Lazikowski: First time sample some of vintage reverb was difficult because of noises and modulations I have to try various NAT programs and tweak them a lot to understand how VVKT and NAT works.

Acustica Audio: Talking about sampling gain level versus file size, Do you think that spend more than one sample can be an audible improvement compared with static IR?

Kamil Lazikowski: Yes, good analog machines are really dynamic, these beasts are like animals! So they react differently each time and it is really important to capture that behavior.

Acustica Audio: How you handle the noise during the sampling process?

Kamil Lazikowski: First I choose best units, for example I sampled plate reverb which was modified by some high end engineers plus sample thru a really good mastering converters. I have a Mytek 8x192 AD/DA then it is just long process trying to find good spot while sampling in NAT.

Acustica Audio: Which are the sonically differences between VNXT EMT140 and VNXT BX20/15?

Kamil Lazikowski: EMT140 it is an "angels reverb", clear and beautiful, quite bright. BX series are deeper, warmer and more vintage. Those vintage equipment are amazing, a good spring add space and deepness without blur sound.

Acustica Audio: Will VNXT Sound also sample gear or chains in the future?

Kamil Lazikowski: Yes I have just started my new first pro studio and that take a lot of work time to spend in more sampling but new programs will coming.

Acustica Audio: Which studio configuration do you use. ITB, OTB or Hybrid?

Kamil Lazikowski: Hybrid for now. Some plugins are really good and I like work fast but I still like to add little "something" organic and lo-fi to sound, so on preamps, distortions, tape delays and compressors try to use real hardware.

Acustica Audio: Do you use external DSP processing?

Kamil Lazikowski: Hmm, UAD but some people says that is only dongle!

Acustica Audio: Do you think that audio engineering is better today?

Kamil Lazikowski: Yes. But my observations are that Young people sadly don't need, or don't know even, what is a good sound. They only look for a crap laptop, headphones and good bass and heavy sound system in club. Lucky there are also some maniacs of good music and sound. They know how big pleasure good music on good sound system can be.

Acustica Audio: Did you have formal study in audio engineering?

Kamil Lazikowski: No. I have learned a lot with my band, we always produce ourselves also do a lot remixes and also produce other bands. I get more and more experience and now I work with different artists, bands and producers.

Thank you Kamil Lazikowski from