UAD Studer, FATSO, PSP, R2R comparison

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UAD Studer, FATSO, PSP, R2R comparison

Post by Plec » Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:09 am

This will hopefully be viewed as a more "fair" comparison between different tape sims.

In the audio file there are 8 bar loops of...

1. Control
2. CDSoundmaster R2R with TB+
3. UAD Studer A800
5. PSP MixSaturator

Each plugin has been gain staged to generate about 5db's worth of average level. Everything has been level matched as close as possible. The PSP and FATSO has also got their own "Repro EQ" added to compensate for the change in EQ happening in both the UAD and R2R versions to even the playing field. Mind you, this is not a perfect test and there will never be one, so if you're interested just take it for what it is. I've tried to make it as fair as I possibly can and put a good days worth of effort in trying to match these up and have redone and tried different solutions to come up with something that hopefully will seem like a good comparison on moderately driven material.

Check it out... ... imTest.wav

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Re: UAD Studer, FATSO, PSP, R2R comparison

Post by diossyakos » Mon Dec 31, 2012 2:46 am

Can't find the files, must have been removed over the years..:(

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