The emulation preset under test (#6 - December 2010)

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The emulation preset under test (#6 - December 2010)

Post by enriquesilveti » Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:06 pm

Emulation Preset: Classic Logic eQ (18 emulation presets)
Creator: Alessandro Boschi
Type: EQU
Price: € 20
URL: ... gic_eq.htm

Classic Logic eQ library from AlexB include emulations from filters and equalizer section from SL E02 type equalizer. Filter section includes a 12dB/Octave low pass filter and a 18dB/Octave high pass filter. The equalizer section is a classic, flexible four band parametric EQ including high and low frequency shelving equalizers emulations plus peaking ones and three not overlapping bell equalizers with adjustable Q. All emulations presets include 3 kernels of harmonic contents plus 1 kernel version without harmonic distortion giving a total of 18 emulation presets.

2 Filters
x1 Lo pass filter: 12dB/Octave 3/20 kHz
x1 Hi pass filter: 18dB/Octave 20/350 Hz
2 Shelving EQ
x1 Semi parametric EQ HF shelving Freq: 1.5/16 kHz, Gain: +/- 15 dB.
x1 Semi parametric EQ LF shelving Freq: 30/450 Hz, Gain: +/- 15 dB.
2 Semi parametric EQ
x1 Semi parametric EQ HF Peak Freq: 1.5/16 kHz, Gain: +/- 15 dB, Q: 0.8 fixed.
x1 Semi parametric EQ LF Peak Freq: 30/450 Hz, Gain: +/- 15 dB, Q: 0.8 fixed.
3 Full parametric EQ
x1 Parametric EQ Lo Freq: 200/600 Hz, Gain: +/- 15 dB, Q: 0.5 to 2.5.
x1 Parametric EQ Md Freq: 600/3200 Hz, Gain: +/- 15 dB, Q: 0.5 to 2.5.
x1 Parametric EQ Hi Freq: 3200/7000 Hz, Gain: +/- 15 dB, Q: 0.5 to 2.5.

This equalizer was inside an in-line mixing console that became an industry standard in the 80' providing to the audio industry a console that had compression, noise gate, filters and parametric EQ in every channel. Four type of EQ was developed for this range of consoles. E02 type called brown knob, E242 type called black knob, E232 type called orange knob (a passive version) and E292 type called pink knob. E02 type and E232 type are most common to find in E version of this console. SL consoles are super clean consoles, with punching sound and unique character.
They are very suitable for pop music, metal and hip hop, especially for drums and bass tweaking. There is no combo emulation preset in this library but you can build your EQ section according your needs of every track using several insert slot of your sequencer, a good recommendation is to load only one 3 kernels emulation preset when you are building your EQ to avoid to adding more distortion who had the original EQ.
When you analyze an equalizer the are 3 main features to observe: how much symmetrical is the bell curve, gain versus quality factor dependency and the shelving overshoot. SL E02 equalizer and Classic Logic eQ have not strictly symmetrical bell curve, this is very common in analog equalizers. Brown knob EQ and AlexB's CLQ has gain versus Q dependency, also called constant bandwidth behavior and that is part of the unique character of this equalizer and any other equalizer, while SL E292 has more gain versus Q dependency (called constant-Q behavior) make it ideal for surgical boost and cuts and clinical sound. CLQ and SL E02 have no shelving overshoot behavior.Classic Logic eQ library has curves quite difficult to emulate or copy using other digital plug-ins. I use S*L Duende channel strip with E type E242 and G type E292 emulations plus Fab Filter Pro-Q. No one of other plug-ins beside Nebula, generate non lineal distortion, the reason of that is S*L believes that an equalizer should be very clean without any non lineal distortion behavior, the "sound" of console should be provide through the preamplifiers, compressors, buss summing and buss compressors.

Parameters used in the comparison:
ALexB CLQ LM Freq: 400 Hz, Gain: - 15 dB, Q: 1.50.
S*L Duende LMF in E mode Freq: 373 Hz, Gain: - 15 dB, Q: 1.70.
S*L Duende LMF in G mode Freq: 373 Hz, Gain: - 15 dB, Q: 1.70.
FabFilter ProQ (coping Nebula curve): Bell: 431 Hz, Gain: - 17 dB, Q: 0.60. (Bell: 180 Hz, Gain: +2.50 dB, Q: 0.175 and Bell: 1000 Hz, Gain: +0.80 dB, Q: 2.50 for asymmetrical curve)

On main main audio PC (Intel Q9400 - WXP PRO SP2 x86 - Samplitude 11.11 x86 - Nebula3 PRO 1.3.449 x86 - JBride 1.26 x86 - Novation Nocturn 3.20 x86) I could run x 24 CLQ 1K EPs + x4 CLQ 3K EPs (full parametric EP) using about CPU: 50% and RAM: 2.89 GB.

In conclusion CLQ can be a great addon for you Nebula library, especially if you are looking for a clean and punching sound, obviously Classic Logic Console from Alexb should be the perfect complement for a full E sound emulation. In addition, purchase Vintage Blue Console plus Vintage 73eQ can help you for full British sound reincarnation inside a box.

* VST Plugin Analyser Analysis & Debug Host belongs Christian Budde. ( ... -programs/)

01. 01.ALexBCLQLibrary.jpg - List of emualtion presets inside Classic Logic eQ
02. 02.Nebula3PROWithCLQ.jpg - Nebula3 PRO with CLeQ LM EP
03. 03.SSLDuendeChannelStripLMFInEMode.jpg - S*L Duende channel strip
04. 04.FabFilterProQ.jpg - Fab Filter PRo-Q VST/RTAS plugin
05. 05.FRAlexBCLQLM3K.jpg - Frecuency response of CLeQ LM EP
06. 06.FRSSLDuendeLME242Type.jpg - Frecuency response of S*L Duende in E mode
07. 07.FRSSLDuendeLME292Type.jpg - Frecuency response of S*L Duende in G mode
08. 08.FRFabFilterProQEmulatinSLE02TypeLMCurve.jpg - Fab Filter PRo-Q coping CLeQ LM EP
09. 09.HDAlexBCLQLM3K.jpg - Harmonic distorion from CLeQ LM EP
10. 10.HDSSLDuendeLME242type.jpg - Harmonic distorion from S*L Duende in E mode
11. 11.HDSSLDuendeLME292type.jpg - Harmonic distorion from S*L Duende in G mode
12. 12.HDFabFilterProQEmulatinSLE02TypeLMCurve.jpg - Harmonic distorion from Fab Filter PRo-Q VST/RTAS plugin
13. 13.FRSymetricalVSAsimetricalBellCurve.jpg - Frecuency response symetrical versus asimetrical bell curve
14. 14.FabFilterProQEmulatingAsymetricalCLQBellCurve.jpg Fab - Filter PRo-Q VST/RTAS plugin emulating asymetrical CLQ bell curve
15. 15.FRFabFilterProQInConstantQBehavior.jpg - Fab Filter PRo-Q VST/RTAS plugin in constant q behavior
16. 16.FRFabFilterProQInNonConstantQBehavior.jpg - Fab Filter PRo-Q VST/RTAS plugin in non constant q behavior
17. 17.FRNebulaInNonConstantQBehaviorVintageNeveStyle.jpg - Nebula in non constant q behavior with a vintage N**e style curve
18. 18.FRFabFilterProQShelvingOvershootVsNonShelvingOvershoot.jpg - Fab Filter Pro-Q VST/RTAS plugin shelving overshoot versus non shelving overshoot
01.ALexBCLQLibrary.jpg (99.65 KiB) Viewed 1604 times
02.Nebula3PROWithCLQ.jpg (84.45 KiB) Viewed 1604 times
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04.FabFilterProQ.jpg (52.14 KiB) Viewed 1604 times
05.FRAlexBCLQLM3K.jpg (74.26 KiB) Viewed 1604 times
06.FRSSLDuendeLME242Type.jpg (73.76 KiB) Viewed 1604 times
07.FRSSLDuendeLME292Type.jpg (73.97 KiB) Viewed 1604 times
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09.HDAlexBCLQLM3K.jpg (63.53 KiB) Viewed 1604 times
10.HDSSLDuendeLME242type.jpg (63.66 KiB) Viewed 1604 times
11.HDSSLDuendeLME292type.jpg (63.99 KiB) Viewed 1604 times
12.HDFabFilterProQEmulatinSLE02TypeLMCurve.jpg (64.24 KiB) Viewed 1604 times
13.FRSymetricalVSAsimetricalBellCurve.jpg (74.5 KiB) Viewed 1604 times
14.FabFilterProQAmulatingEsymetricalCLQBellCurve.jpg (52.14 KiB) Viewed 1604 times
15.FRFabFilterProQInConstantQBehavior.jpg (79.79 KiB) Viewed 1604 times
16.FRFabFilterProQInNonConstantQBehavior.jpg (76.3 KiB) Viewed 1604 times
17.FRNebulaInNonConstantQBehaviorVintageNeveStyle.jpg (77.25 KiB) Viewed 1604 times
18.FRFabFilterProQShelvingOvershootVsNonShelvingOvershoot.jpg (72.44 KiB) Viewed 1604 times