The emulation preset under test (#2 - October 2010)

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The emulation preset under test (#2 - October 2010)

Post by enriquesilveti » Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:02 am

Emulation Preset: Behemoth
Creator: Bob Davodian
Type: Psychoacoustic enhacer
Price: 15 USD Dollar

There is a multiple ways to explain what is Nebula is or can do, like a FX sampler or FX Rompler, but Bob Davodian, the creator of Behemoth, take advantage of ones of the powerful features of Nebula/NAT technology, sampling a hole signal chain mixing analog and digital processing into a single 2 knobs Nebula emulation preset.

Normally psychoacoustic enhancers like BBE, SPL, Aphex, etc. enhance sound to create new high-frequency harmonics not present in the original recording. This process was discovered by Aphex, who found that adding a small amount of controlled distortion to the original signal could actually make the sound quality appear cleaner and more detailed than before processing. When this is done properly, music appears more detailed with better separation between individual sounds and increasing the impression of loudness.

But Mr. Davodian approach is quite different. Behemoth is intended to clean-up low end on full or sub groups mixes with high low end content, intensifying lower level harmonic content plus subtle higher details. Bob didn't explains nothing about the processing chain sampled into Behemoth just talk about a kind of non-traditional sense of compression some times called non static EQ or dynamic equalization.

The operation of psycho-acoustic enhancer is based on trick our brain, creating harmonics from the source and removing (or decrease) fundamental frequency, so our brain will rebuild fundamental frequency based on those added before harmonics, but fundamental frequency still not there so we save some dBs on the frequency range where we used the process. On Behemoth this process is applied to low end content.

Static test that can be found into VST plug-in analyser there is no sense for this emulation preset due the nature of the process, a type of dynamic equalization. The better way of try Behemoth is downloading the demo emulation preset and listening carefully the audio examples available on transcending music studios website.

Behemoth is a simple to use, 2 parameter emulation presets. Use level for setup the strength of the effect and drive to setup the amount for distortion and the level of the shelving high-pass filter (both parameter are linked to the same knob). Rock and Metal drum/bass buses or any stressed low end mix can be enhanced by Behemoth achieving a clean-up low end, better defined lows, stereo image enhanced plus saving some dB of headroom for hit into the brick-wall limiter.

Load Behemoth into Nebula and first set the level parameter, level 1 is the only available into demo, then set drive parameter around the default value +10. After you listening the enhancer FX, set Nebula output level in order to make level matched comparison.

In the audio examples you can listen level 2 and level 3 and how a full mix sound smoother with better defined lows and bigger stereo image.

In conclusion transcending music studios translate all knowledge about how manage low end into a easy 2 knobs, low cost, emulation preset for Nebula, but the simplicity of this emulation preset should not deceive us, you should take some time to experiment before use in a commercial project.
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