Cupwise release- Casspressors A

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Re: Cupwise release- Casspressors A

Post by marcpl » Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:34 pm

these are a no-brainer for under $10.
great job tim.


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Re: Cupwise release- Casspressors A

Post by Cupwise » Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:15 pm

i'm sneaking a little heads up in right here. my cassette deck 1 set is about to get a pretty big update. 1st, the 'hi' and 'lo' versions of each effect are going to be combined into one program. i couldn't do that on release because of artifacts due to an issue with tapes and nebula, but i figured out a way to solve that issue when i did cassette deck 2. this means i can get more dynamic steps into a tape effect without the artifacts. 'hi' and 'lo' from CD1 get combined, and also get 'gdrv' (trim) added which will be more useful when there is more dynamic range. many of those effects have freq responses that change a lot depending on the input so this is all a pretty big improvement, in my opinion.

then, ram and hard drive usage will, i think, be cut in half (as with my tube fm1 and 2 updates). actually ram will be the same per effect, but you are getting twice as many dynamic steps, so it's half the ram per step. in other words, the size of the whole set is reduced by half. 3rd there will be 4 new programs/tapes added, sampled with lynx.

it's a big update and i'm calling it Cassette Deck 1+ on release. having to split the dynamic steps in two made me devalue the set a little on initial release, so the set will go up a few dollars when these updates come out, maybe to 14-15$ (from 12.50$ where it's at now). all current/past customers get the update free, so for anyone who ever considered the set, now would be the time to get it and save a few bucks!

edit- actually to sweeten the deal a little i'm going ahead and lowering it down to 10$ until the update...

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