New Mix with Neb3pro (not attached...just a comment)

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New Mix with Neb3pro (not attached...just a comment)

Post by Ronnieg » Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:26 pm

Just finished my first mix with Nebula Pro 3. :D :D
Had to render a few things to keep CPU down (More the ASIO meter).
Use a combination of the AITB tube Console channels and Fate and APE channel Eq's. (All purchased on the FEB 50% off day 8-) )
The whole thing sounds smooth and solid.
I really get what others are saying in the previous posts. It's subtle but cumulative.
However putting the tube console Channel Colour on the Bass guitar channel just sent it to heaven. It just slotted into the mix superbly.

I'm trying to pull up things from the Nebula Library but there's so much in there and lifes quite short!
Anyone got some real keepers and on what do you use it?

Also I 'm not a Gear Geek.. (ok I am really) so don't always "get" the abbreviated / mystery titles.

Any pointers? I mean, and don't laugh.... :oops: the Boeing 747...i know i should know but i don't. At a guess its something to do with a BAE unit?

I'm actually salivating over Alex's stuff but i guess I should learn to use what i have . Unless you tell me otherwise..........


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Henry Olonga
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Re: New Mix with Neb3pro (not attached...just a comment)

Post by Henry Olonga » Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:52 pm

747 is an A****n I believe.

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Re: New Mix with Neb3pro (not attached...just a comment)

Post by jesse.nemitz » Tue Feb 28, 2012 3:45 am

When I first got nebula I purchased quite literally just about every library available including alexB, CDSoundMaster, Cupwise and Eric Beam (Signaltonoize). Overall it was comparable to the price of a large plugin bundle from waves or UAD.

After using nebula, I've determined it's quite possible one of the best investments I've made for my studio, including converters, microphones, preamps, compressors, plugins, keyboards, etc. It's well worth the investment of time to get into the software... ESPECIALLY AlexB's libraries. Each one has a very special place in a studio. It's almost impossible to not have the right sound sculpting tools for the job as it relates to mixing hardware.

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Re: New Mix with Neb3pro (not attached...just a comment)

Post by marcpl » Tue Feb 28, 2012 7:20 pm

+1...good post jesse.


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