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Re: New drums reverb for Nebula - Free

Post by david1103 » Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:36 pm

thank you SO much for these excellent free reverbs!

i see you are in sound on sound news section this month! :)

the 2nd intimate reverb is a fantastic ambience reverb, i think it could replace my L*****n ambience as a general use one. much more real and 3d sound! this is the best so far.

i must ask, i think there is a major technical flaw in the intimate reverb, why a 3 second long program? i can put the kernal length to 1 second and don't notice any cut out. it uses so much ram with 3 seconds sampling my poor old pc can't run it in a big project. is there any way you could re-render the intimate reverb as a 1 second reverb program? if you ever re-sample it, native 44.1 would be good too :)

THANKS again, and a big thumbs up on your cricket protest.

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Re: New drums reverb for Nebula - Free

Post by highvoltage » Thu Sep 16, 2010 4:33 pm

quite a few short reverb programs could be cut down to much shorter. I almost all the time reduce the lengths to 400 ms or so. It results in a MUCH better cpu consumption (2%) and not really audible difference

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