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Re: - Moog 4pole - Nebula programs

Post by greekpeet » Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:02 pm

rhythminmind wrote:Valid opinion.
I'm trying out the digital music download model "Pay for what you want".
If you only want one of the three, you only pay for one.

I don't have a problem with this view at all, if thats what you want.

Very inexpensive regardless with what you get.

Tried the free moog filter you offer and loved it on a synth bass in my last project. Push the drive up a hair...

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Re: - Moog 4pole - Nebula programs

Post by MOjO_FET » Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:23 am

greekpeet wrote:
MOjO_FET wrote:
ngarjuna wrote:There's just no way to please everybody.

There is. :P Just break it up in smaller packages.
Did someone say R2R...? ;)

I for one would buy one immediately!

Who else is in??? C'mon guys!!!Let's make a vote!


I could see that if you don't already own the program, and really haven't gotten to use them I could see that opinion. If you break it up it would kind of defeat the purpose of it. I get uses out of at least two or three different tapes sounds in every single mix down.

Mixing different tape sounds in one mix is a matter of taste and not a luxury that would attract myself to buy R2R in particular. And no, I haven't used it ;).

I think having a choice of different tape sounds or smaller packages to buy, for less money is really more attractive.

Once you get a taste, you want to have more later.

Frankly, I think that way, more people would buy it!


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Re: - Moog 4pole - Nebula programs

Post by bottom1 » Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:59 am

I'm an Equal Opportunity Consumer... All of you developers have yet to disappoint... I think I bought the Amp program right after posting my $30 rant...

Here are a couple of my issues that I personally have dealt with... breaking out presets is fine and dandy, but having the option to buy a bundle is easier for someone like me. It's difficult to Buy just one preset, based off a demo... Once I'm in the process of mixing, if a preset doesn't work, I don't want to have to get out of the control room Buy another preset, download etc etc etc only to find out that the second preset doesn't work... By this time a 3rd preset will not be an option. Also, in the past I had difficulties downloading a few of the other Verb presets, while others worked fine... and a Military Tube (which by the way sounded so good to me, that I swapped the Tubes out of my UA610... thanks!)

It's really no biggie... my last downloading issue, just made refuse to buy single presets/programs... Nebulas pretty hectic as is. I, in know way want to be pleased (but I'm suggest something quick/fast)... To me it just gives off the impression that it's solely about money, and with the diverse offerings he sales, I can tell that is not his intentions...

Anyway, I'm a Producer and Engineer.... Sheesh, I'm never happy! :oP ... I'm always thinking of how things could be easier for ME and my ME... Call it Tough Love... I wouldn't be mixing with Nebula, if I didn't have patients...


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