S*L Channel E-EQ Blind Test Waves v.s. CLeQ

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Re: S*L Channel E-EQ Blind Test Waves v.s. CLeQ

Post by surbitone » Sat Oct 30, 2010 4:40 pm

Use the Alex B S*L hi shelf set at 1.5k on some overheads, boost however much you want, do the same with the Waves S*L and match the the gain by ear, then A/B :roll:

Also try boosting in the low mids / upper bass on a snare with the Alex B S*L lo peak, again, do the same with a Waves S*L lo peak. The Waves version doesn't even *touch* the Alex B version when actually used for specific applications like this. Honestly, you just can't properly match the texture of the two sounds, the body and subtle punch / meat of the SLL just cannot be replicated with the Waves.

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