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Re: Xformer Verda - Trans EQ

Post by HIFIDELITY » Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:58 pm

SORRY HIGHVOLTAGE! Im a *! your talkin about the demo and full version of THIS eq and the demo must only have a few freqs right? its just im away at the moment and havent demoed this yet! but when i checked the forum i saw this and nearly creamed my pants :P So,as far as the full version goes would you say my search is over for a go-to low-freq Eq? [email protected]@dy [email protected] [email protected] :D

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Re: Xformer Verda - Trans EQ

Post by highvoltage » Thu Aug 12, 2010 6:12 pm

The demo has only 80hz, and i dont have the full version (yet?) cause it worked just fine so far :)

I wouldn't say your search is over, cause i know how a gear addict's mid works, you just want to have every eq and plugin

For low end i still love the PevB for its huge and solid (kinda like A*I), but its a fixed Low shelf and boosts some lower mids too (maybe its part of its solid sound).

anyway this (xformer) program is really interesting as it somehow boosts without adding mud.

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Re: Xformer Verda - Trans EQ

Post by TranscendingMusic » Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:35 pm

Yea even aside from our compulsions for awesome gear, the practicality is part of one secret to getting pleasant mixes: having various flavors of EQ all throughout. So I will even tell you here your search is never over because every EQ, even every variation of the same EQ, offers something different. Those differences as they are applied all over different tracks of a mix are what help with dimension. Not to mention, different genres, different songs, bands, etc., that you are mixing all call for different tools at any given moment. Why do you think professional studios have racks and racks of variations of the same kind of processor? ;) I therefore also think comparing EQ's for the sake of seeing "which one is better" is silly - when you are dealing with this calibur of quality. Namely, in the Nebula world. Comparing Nebula
EQ's or any libraries for that matter with the algorthmic equivalent, well that's entirely a different story and is interesting.

To describe Xformer: it's a very colored eq. Think of it as filling in harmonic gaps to create density and fullness but as highvoltage mentioned, without mud. Because with Xformer it's not just about boosting general resonance, but also adding relative (that's key) musical harmonics; sort of like 'So Transcited' for the high end. My recommendation again is to use it with a transparent compressor with transparent settings and listen to the beefiness.
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