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Furverb-1 Spring + RA-500 bonus

Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 3:53 pm
by Cupwise
JPN did some nice Nebula 4 skins for this release, which includes samples from two very different spring reverb units. There are 20 different reverbs taken from a 'vintage' rackmount spring unit, and 7 reverbs from a home stereo spring reverb unit. There is a pretty big range in the possible results you can get, and you have a convenient control in the programs which allows you to quickly select one of multiple reverbs per program.

The Sansui RA-500 bonus has some really interesting results when using the 'bionic' reverbs I made from it (particularly the low ones, which can sound like underwater bubbles). So check out the audio demos! ... ui-ra-500/

Also for a limited time I'm going to have a deal up, which bundles this release with my latest compressor- SmackVU. The deal is that if you buy SmackVU, you get this release for free! So check that out if you're interested in SmackVU.

Re: Furverb-1 Spring + RA-500 bonus

Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:02 am
by beingmf3
Oh wow! Did you sample the stereo version of the "Fur" unit? I might say it is my favourite spring reverb ever for mixdown duties.

Re: Furverb-1 Spring + RA-500 bonus

Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:02 pm
by Cupwise
nah it was the '1' model, mono. i think the 2 is the stereo one? the sansui bonus is stereo though.

the reverb being sampled in mono here i don't see as being bad, it just depends on whether you really need a stereo reverb in a particular instance i guess. stereo is nice but with these old analog/mechanical reverbs a lot of times the differences between channels are almost *too much* (prob mostly with old units that need maintenance). but yeah sometimes a nice stereo reverb is really great (and i've put out several that i think are nice). i hate to say this (even though i don't expect it to make a difference to my sales anyway), but i think this might be my favorite sounding spring that i've done (besides BeeX20 which i consider to be a different thing). i haven't compared it super closely to all of my springs (like nolard and raybon releases), but i think this one has a great sound and i love the way it subtly kind of 'shimmers' as it decays. my slightly favoring this one over reelverb1 is why this one is priced a dollar higher. that and because the Sansui bonus is a *lot* better here (even if its stereo difference is probably a perfect example of being maybe too different, i still think it's pretty cool. and you could always go to 'kern' and click mono-l to make it mono).

Re: Furverb-1 Spring + RA-500 bonus

Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:19 pm
by plexus
I agree with you Tim about stereo... springs reverbs especailly. You can do the same thing with two instances in split stereo. Things like plate, room, etc benefit from stereo. It has to do with the independent nature of a stereo spring reverb. Is there a single spring tank with a stereo pickup on it? That might benefit from stereo. Usually the stereo springs were two separate tanks for each channel, there-by not really interacting with each other. I would guess that making stereo programs for devices where the two channels do not interact with each other would be not worth doing. Except for preservation/documenation purposes. There are quite a number of programs out there that are like this where it was done in mono so if you want stereo just do it with split stereo. I don't create Nebula programs so I am just guessing based on some experience with these hardware tools.