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Re: cupwise release- Lunchpail comp

Post by Cupwise » Sat Sep 01, 2018 11:44 pm

just finished a new update and sent out emails with the info to all customers. i'll be sending out another email with the links to download the updated library soon, so you should get those emails if you bought this. kind of an important update so you should get it. it's also very easy to install this one.

here are the updates:

*someone brought to my attention the fact that the compressor programs were all set to use mono mode! this was a mistake on my part. it's not *really* a big deal, all it means is that both channels were using the same impulses (from the left channel). now it's fixed and both sampled channels are being used. the difference is very subtle.

*the shq programs weren't using the maximum sampled lengths for the harmonic impulses. now they are. this makes them take even longer to render but the idea of shq is to be the very best, most accurate recreation of the hardware. the harmonic impulses had lower frequency content going out past the 2ms lengths that are used in the 'full' versions, so now the shq programs will provide that. however, again, this is very, very subtle.

*harmonics were completely redone using an entirely different 'system' 'under the hood'. the old system (by system i'm talking about the actual coding in the nebula program itself, and how it handles the harmonic samples) placed more importance on the input level coming into the compressor programs, to determine how the harmonics would change (increase/decrease) and react. the amount of compression you were getting didn't have as much influence. now both input drive and compression amount are equally important.

*harmonics were also re-balanced, and the levels are much higher than they were in the old versions (several db). much more reflective of the hardware samples i took. for some reason you can't really trust NAT (program used to sample and produce nebula programs) to just produce programs that give accurate harmonic levels, and sometimes you have to go in and adjust them 'by hand'. which is what i did here for this update (while comparing directly to samples from the hardware). so theoretically the harmonics should be more noticeable now, but you may not notice.

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Re: cupwise release- Lunchpail comp

Post by SWANG » Sun Sep 02, 2018 5:33 pm

Update received. Thanks Tim...

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