Cupwise Updates- YoureiB

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Re: Cupwise Updates- Smooth 609A Buscomp and YoureiB

Post by greekpeet » Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:17 pm

Hmm, so I'm a pretty big fan of the sonic quality of Nebula in general but am very underwhelmed with the 609A.

Tried it on a ton of different sources, didn't seem to jive right on anything (including the master bus). I know about gain staging etc but the demo didn't convince me enough to want to purchase it.

Strange as this and even the Rayflex get a ton of love here, but didn't see the Rayflex as useful as well. Glad the 609 wasn't as confusing as the RF is (way too many options), but both are not for me.

Bought the RF based upon the reviews too. Kik, snare, basses, guitars, synths, etc makes them sound worse. These are great with a digital algo based plugin using the harmonics, etc, but as a compressor, pretty lackluster, sucking the mojo and transients out (in a wierd funky way).

CDSM's TDC and his new library are full of awesome sauce compressor and tone wise, so I know its possible with Nebula.

Maybe I simply wouldn't like the hardware?

Still want to give this library some hope as I love the UAD version. My buddy has it and put it on the master and mixed through that with amazing results.

This, not so much.

Could someone maybe shed a little bit of light on how they use it on the master and or group busses?

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Re: Cupwise Updates- YoureiB

Post by Cupwise » Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:15 pm

i've just made another update to yourei B:

this one replaces the 2nd pass-through program, which i decided was practically identical to the 1st one and didn't really offer anything different. so i sampled the unit again. this time i made sure to set the two switches on the back of the unit to different positions than what were used for the 1st pass-through program (there is a switch that changes impedance for the input transformer, and another that adjusts input sensitivity). i thought i did that when i made the original 2nd pass through, but looking at it i think i goofed up and somehow used the same settings as i had for the 1st one. so this new one should actually sound a bit different. also it has the filters still on, but out of audible range, whereas the 1st one has them bypassed. and finally, the unit was hit with a pretty hot signal for this new one. you won't get super high-levels of saturation out of the program, but i think it does sound different from the first one now, at least.

as always, anyone with the set should be getting an email with update links.

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Re: Cupwise Updates- YoureiB

Post by david1103 » Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:54 am

Is this update working for everyone? It's not showing up in Nebula 1.3.505 for me! (I have tried everything)

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