3rd party libraries and new NebulaServer Core7 ZL

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3rd party libraries and new NebulaServer Core7 ZL

Post by evaderod » Sat Nov 28, 2015 10:03 pm


Just want to get feedback on whether or not the current 3rd party libraries work well with the new core7 zero latency and if so how to implement it? Also when not to bother or even try like long tail reverbs. In particular any advice from developers of the Cupwise, Stn, Aitb, TimP and AlexB libraries. I am in need of the communities advise on this new developement. :)

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Re: 3rd party libraries and new NebulaServer Core7 ZL

Post by jfjer379 » Mon Dec 21, 2015 7:23 pm

they seem to work well on ZL
i use ZL when tracking
but be aware that some are very cpu intensive hehe
so track,commit and print right away is my approach with ZL

i use ZL mostly when tracking DI instruments and vocals
and put in a preamp, console(neev 14) and sometimes a guitar cab, nebula mic in that chain
sometimes that chain is even bigger depending on what i need

so if you track like me don't be afraid to experiment
it`s when tracking i really find the ZL necessary for my use

but it would be nice if others have found other clever ways to use it for ZL that i haven't thought about
and could comment on it in this thread :)

Forget about the reverbs in ZL unless your cpu is from another world, they are better used with the regular nebula reverb version IMO later in the mix at least for me

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