Demos in Nebula 3FREE _ Load, but Working ??

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Re: Demos in Nebula 3FREE _ Load, but Working ??

Post by KrazyKat46 » Sat Oct 24, 2015 3:28 am

@ RjHollins .... Always appreciate anyone taking time and expertise to respond to my inquiries.
I am frustrated that this, and my other posts seem to convey an impression that I am trying to work seriously with FREE stuff. AlexB's response is an example.
I value my time and limited artistic skill, and would not waste either if not with intent to purchase and apply the subject product. I understand clearly the problem faced by content creators as they try to provide 'demo' insight to their new offerings and perhaps impact proper return on their investment.
I understand completely the notion of very limited Demo capability, but I insist on hearing enough to justify adding the emulation to my libraries. My inquiry in this case was to clarify that a given Demo runs the same in Nebula 3FREE as in Nebula 3 Pro.
This process has indeed been valuable, as it has made clear that I cannot add a single instance of e.g. Console, to a Master Track, and expect to hear much of anything different.
Another important benefit, is that it seems I will be far ahead, TODAY, to go for Nebula3 Server rather than Pro Bundle. My somewhat stubborn delay has resulted in having the choice, rather than having jumped too quickly.

I am positive about Acustica-Audio in general and Nebula 3 in particular. I plan to move forward shortly, even though I followed suggestions here with mixed results ... crackling on Master Audio with multiple instances of Nebula 3FREE. Not thought to be a system issue, as substitution of emulations eliminated crackling. System is i7, 8GB, SSD, Win 10 Pro 64-bit, Saffire Pro14 I/F, 8" monitors + headphones.

Really no better choice than some algos and lots of Nebula3 3rd Party emus ... maybe Acqua here and there. ;)

Thanks for adding assurance.

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Re: Demos in Nebula 3FREE _ Load, but Working ??

Post by RJHollins » Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:38 am

Hi KrazyK,

I didn't get any negative impression nor response from your post ... or replies. I certainly didn't get that impression from your question[s].

I was concerned there might be confusion of whether there are sonic differences between NebFREE and commercial Nebula.

The Demo presets are always identified via Dev as to their completeness or limits.

For what it be worth ... I had upgraded to SERVER soon after purchase of PRO-3. I was running an older XP-32 system, and needed as much optimizing I could get. Nebula was easily becoming my main focus of use. Now I'm on a 64-bit, i7-5820K with 16gig RAM. Still glad I have 'server' version.

I don't need to mention, but this is THE forum to ask questions, or impressions. Believe ... everyone here has been at the starting point ... or, we are asking about new libraries or features, or just general observations.

Whether Nebula or Acqua is of interest for You ... well ... it only matters to You.

I will point out one comment made. Placing a console on a track may not be very noticeable. This can usually be a first initial reaction that has been posted many times. Monitoring with headphones can [sometimes] lessen the difference.
We must be mindful that Consoles are not 'effect boxes'. Console libraries may seem quite subtle at times ... but they are additive. It is very easy to get use to the sound, even thinking it adds nothing. Then you do a 'bypass'.

We've seen posts from several new users that have not the opportunity to work a high end console for any length of time. Hearing what a console does to the sonics can be a new listening experience.

I come from the N**e, S*L, H*******, MCI, NEOTEK, etc land. I had not good opportunities to work with A*I consoles. Many times, they had working issues :roll: Then ... I got the A*I console demo from AlexB. Soon, I had purchased the A*I suite. I now appreciate working Rock&Roll in the A*I persuasion. The mastering 5500 eq is a gem ! I don't use it all the time ... but I never hesitate too :mrgreen:

Take your time, have fun, ask questions, and/or post your impressions. We be a passionate bunch ... but we can be quite critical when it comes to our sound and tools. :shock:

i7-5820k, MSI X99A Plus, 16 GIG Ram, Noctua NH-D14, Win-7 Pro [64-bit], Reaper-64

NVC [Nebula Virtual Controllers]

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Re: Demos in Nebula 3FREE _ Load, but Working ??

Post by KrazyKat46 » Sat Oct 24, 2015 2:16 pm

@ RjHollins ..... This is a welcome and appreciated response. All is well and moving forward with positive impressions. Server will be the choice and much enjoyment expected as so much to experience and learn.

Best regards

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