MBC and vbeq updates

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Re: MBC and vbeq updates

Post by hwasser » Mon Nov 03, 2014 12:02 pm

I've used CLC on my latest record actually! :)

The over-driven INPUT3 saved the snare on that record! (had trouble to make it sound fat enough without being too muddy)

I bought Satson though for my next project, I love Nebula-consoles, but they eat so damn much CPU-power and Satson use VERY LITTLE CPU-power.

I have nebula on every channel anyway!:lol: Preamps, Olonga MOJO-eq and comp mixed with other vst-comps, EQs etc.

By the way, I own both your A*I-EQs (I think? At least the 5500 I own, maybe the other one was AITB or something, I don't know) and the A*I-console. Could be fun try that one out.

I know that Foo Fighters newest album is recorded directly to Tape wih a "Modern Black Console", that album sounded like shit though, but that is because it is over-compressed like f**k during mastering. Apparently it sounded good before that according to Butch Vig (and I trust that guy, Nirvana - Nevermind sounds really good. Nevermind was recorded with a N**e and mixed with a "Classic Logic Console" btw).

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