Are there any Devs or Libraries that DON'T USE -18dbfs ???

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Re: Are there any Devs or Libraries that DON'T USE -18dbfs ?

Post by dacaveprods » Wed May 14, 2014 9:19 pm

kylen wrote:
david1103 wrote:It really is a matter of taste once you have the input level sufficient to trigger the dynamic layers, just be careful to listen to the whole track if you run it hot in case you trigger an artifact.
Great info David.
Anyone who has attempted to find the sweetspot in Nebula would certainly appreciate some kind of "metering" in that area...histogram or whatever telling me how many of the dynamic layers I've touched to get the real Nebula experience - or if I'm not hitting it hard enough a nice alert telling me I'm wasting my time and the essence of Nebula!!! 8-)

Yep... :)

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