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Couple of questions regarding VBC and N-TEN-AT4

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 2:15 am
by dejhantulip
Hey gang!

Couple of questions!

I was wondering, which one would be more suitable (in your opinion) for acoustic music (wall of acoustic guitars) with some basic drums and bass, ballad-type vocals. Maybe think of Howie Day style (the song Collide comes into mind).

Other than that, I have a couple of questions:

1) If I use the "se" programs by AlexB which are the "light on cpu" programs with 5 kernels would they sound different from if I go and use the "full" programs and modify the nebula xml to use 5 kernels in the HDMI section?

2) I read that Henry Olonga once explained the interesting approach of mixing with just 1 kernel, and just before rendering increasing them to 10 kernels; with this approach, when i increase the 1 kernel to 10, would the mix be affected to the point that maybe some of the eq and compression decisions i made are now not as good sounding?

3) The VBC is an 8014 and the N-TEN-AT4 is a 1084 (I think those numbers are correct) and I have read in a couple of posts that they could be used interchangeably, are they really similar? Because the numbering suggests that they are not.

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond!



Re: Couple of questions regarding VBC and N-TEN-AT4

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 6:56 am
by cdsoundmaster
Hi there,
I can't answer Alex's questions directly except that he does an excellent job, so whatever your choice you will be pleased.

Regarding the console differences- the three main eq sections to be aware of are the 1073, 1081, and 1084. There is a character and feature difference in all three. The 1084 tends to be my favorite which is part of why I put my main focus on it, but the 1073 tends to be the most well know from the same series. The 1084 is very, very similar, but has more settings. Everyone has their favorite utilitarian uses for each console, but this is the 'era' that made the N**e transformer+inductor sound a necessity ever since. The 1084 was made by N**e as an upgrade of sorts, but as Alex will tell you, every single N**e module has a slight personality of its own, not just from how it ages but the nature of the design has thousands of tiny variances. For the N-TEN- you can isolate how much preamp-kernel-harmonic distortion you wish to add to the signal if needed.
Classic N**e's have a natural curve at the top end when the inductor is engaged, so technically you could use an N-TEN-AT4 eq program with an N-TEN-AT4 preamp program and choose the "eq out" on the preamp, thus giving you all of the dynamic harmonics with the natural sound of the eq if you need that much detail. Of course that is at the cpu hit of two instances. With just the N-TEN eq, you are getting first and second order harmonics that are definitely more detail from harmonics than emulators will give outside the NebPro world.

To make your decision, I would suggest less concern about the SE version and more about the specific frequency range and overall sonics between the 1073 and 1084, but you will love the results whichever choice. You may want to check with Alex via email, as I believe he did a 1081 also, which is closer to the 1084 in features but more of the 1073 character (all 3 in the same camp with small variation).

Also, if you want to email me a short sample of some audio I would be happy to let you hear a few N-TEN settings if it helps the decision.

Hope that helps!

Re: Couple of questions regarding VBC and N-TEN-AT4

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 1:50 pm
by dejhantulip
Hey Michael,

As always your response is fully detailed and flawless! Thanks so much!

One other thing I wanted to ask you is gain staging for the n-ten-at4. I tend to record and work at 0VU = -18dBFS would this be the sweetspot for your console emu? I heard somewhere that some people try to hit the n-ten-at4 as hot as possible, would that be the sweetspot instead?

Finally, would you recommend me using the NebulaReverb or the Nebula (normal) with your console emu?

Thank you!!!


Re: Couple of questions regarding VBC and N-TEN-AT4

Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:48 am
by Martinez
What I do is use the Economy button in Nebula and the hit the normal when it's time to render.
That means that I don't have to try and remember the settings I had when I was working.
It's a lot quicker.