NVC-GMD - DEMO is now available !

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NVC-GMD - DEMO is now available !

Post by RJHollins » Tue Mar 04, 2014 6:26 am

The idea of building a virtual MIDI controller for a library that only uses a single Nebula seemed a redundant idea. What need would I ever find to have a plug-in control another :roll:

hmmmmmm :lol:

In spite of the sonics that any Nebula library can bring to our work, it can often times be a decision influenced by the effort and time it takes to load in the presets ... experiment with settings ... then to find that maybe a different preset would be better ... hmmm, have to readjust all the settings again ... maybe try a third presets ... oh ... was that the setting I was using before ??? hmmm ... need to go back ... again ... redo the settings.

Might have been fun/interesting ... but how much time and effort did we waste. More importantly, did we make the right decision ... or just settled for what we ended up with :roll:

Stubborn and determined as I am :lol: This scenario was a more common experience than I ever wanted. It is one thing to 'test' certain pieces of gear for a given task ... you might even load in a series of NEBULA's and try to hand switch between them in a haphazard A/B check.

There must be a better .... saner way ! :twisted:

hmmm ... comprehensive control of an entire library from a single user interface :idea: Maybe something to this ;)

We have diverted, momentarily, from the collection of EQ controllers, to begin looking at the second critical engineering tool ....

The Compressor.

The ability to quickly move through all compressor parameters are to be expected for making sound judgments. Within the Nebula framework ... that is exactly what the NVC does.

With your settings of Attack, Release, Threshold, Look-Ahead, Drive, and Make-Up Gain ... you can now,at the push of a button, select through all the available RATIOs ... while still maintaining every parameter setting. :shock: You can even switch in the various modes of 'FLAT, Bass Cut, De-Esser, and Flat S/C', without a second thought. All custom settings you made transfer to any and every change. Even if you switch in 'AUTO-Release' mode. :o

For all 40 Presets. 8-)

You can even 'By-Pass' your settings for IN/OUT comparison :mrgreen:

This is a new level of Nebula-based compressor interaction and control.

From the manual description:
"A Must Have!” Legendary german Hi-End Recording and Mastering unit. This legendary compressor/limiter
used as standard to cut the vinyl in the '80 era, it has been a signature for Pink Floyd sound also. The sampled
unit has been refurbished with expensive audio caps, and DC path revised. Compared to the original unit the
sound is improved showing more details, focus and better sound stage. A really finished-professional sound.
Clean, transparent, detailed and musical but also depth and open are the mains characteristics of THAT slightly
velvety, very controlled sound; here sampled with the whole natural imperfection and nuance, thanks to a
properly 44,1kHz and 96kHz sampling process.
A 'preview' of the NVC-GMD
NVC-GMD v:0.9f
... coming soon !

interesting?. ;)
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NVC [Nebula Virtual Controllers]

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Re: NVC-GMD [preview]

Post by koda » Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:38 pm

genius again this flexibility is the future of nebula

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Re: NVC-GMD - DEMO is now available !

Post by RJHollins » Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:26 am

update news !!!

The NVC-GMD controller for AlexB's GMD [German Mastering Dynamics] is now available for download

I've 'bare-bones' the page just to get this posted for you guys to demo out !

Please do ... post back with feedback/ comments.

Enjoy 8-)
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NVC [Nebula Virtual Controllers]

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