NVC-BMeQ - DEMO is NOW available !

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Re: NVC-BMeQ - DEMO is NOW available !

Post by koda » Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:36 pm

Maybe I was not clear.
I don't want to user other presets inside the nvc controller (for example use another eq inside BMeQ controller).
I just want to know if it's possible when you create the setup for BMeQ for example, if you can include other libraries in the same setup NOT to be used within NVC but just to have a single library that you can use BOTH with NVC (in case of the BMeQ) and straight from classic nebula for the other presets that are not related to the NVC.
If this works (as I think it should there should be no reason why you couldn't have a "redundant" setup with presets that NVC won't mess with) I'm afraid that NVC doesn't work with Reaper x64... were you able to test it in Reaper x64 (with nebula x64)?
Or maybe we should test it in Reaper x64 with Nebula 32?

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Re: NVC-BMeQ - DEMO is NOW available !

Post by RJHollins » Thu Mar 06, 2014 11:25 pm

ahh ... I think I understand the question better.

You can use the 'MIDI router' [JS plugin for Reaper] to block the MIDI messages ... or disable the MIDI INput for those Nebulas in Reapers' routing section [probably the easiest/sensible way].

As for NVC with 64-bit DAW. From what I understand, the use of j-bridge is working to bring 32-bit into 64-bit DAW's.

Using Reapers' built in 'bridge' should also work. I wouldn't think that the NEB's at their native 64 would be any issue. The NVC would be the only one bridged.

For my Reaper use [which is all 32-bit], I run each Nebula in 'dedicated' mode anyways, but that's as a safety net in case a Neb crashes, I can easily replace/recover.

Again ... re-reading you post regarding multi libraries in a custom setup.

It is dependent on the naming of the preset.

Because the presets have extended names that usually include the library name at the front, I filter those tags to reduce the preset name to a simpler form.
for example: BMEQ-Mid would be filter to MID.

If a unrelated preset [from a different library] is scanned and parsed, it may get ignored by the NVC parsing routine, so shouldn't be a problem. Could it be fooled .... hmmm ... I guess it's possible.

I don't have any 'mixed' custom Neb's that to test an NVC with. I make my custom Neb's of specific libraries that then is used for a specific NVC.

The only 'variation' from this would be my plans for other controllers that would be things like TAPE or PRE-AMPS. [as example]. For this, I would build a custom Neb libraries that had all the Pre-amps that I have from all the different Devs, and assemble that into a single NVC controller. I'm not sure what advantage the NVC would bring to this type of design :| I mean, I could include pictures of the Pre-amps in the selection and display, what slider controls that there are could be controlled ... but like I say, I've not been pressed to need this ... especially when I work an NVC with an Neb equalizer. That brings a major impact to work-flow.

Anyway ... if anyone tries mixing up the libraries, let us know what you find out. The worst that can happen is an erroneous preset gets placed into a module. The NVC controls would still work, but they may not relate to the preset.

In the end, you can build a specific custom library, and use it's setup XML file to straighten it out.

does that help ??
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Re: NVC-BMeQ - DEMO is NOW available !

Post by mathias » Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:13 am

i did some more testing with this nvc controler.

i am testing tracktion 5 since a few weeks and built the chain for the nvc controler in a tracktion rack. this is a t5-builtin "modular wrapper" and it works like a charm.
the midifilterplugin from RJ is needed to get it to work properly, every nebula instance should only see the respective midichannel.

wow, this is so elegant! i can change the programs (nd, se, full, st, mo) from the nvc plugin surface. the bypass switch just setting the gain to 0 db is such a great idea!!! there is only a minimal soft click sometimes, which does not distract at all.

now i really dig your concept RJ. before i was only reading the threads, but experiencing this thing is something else.
i am hoping for some more eqs to come, docfear from aitb is high on my list ;) :D

i will try around with different ways to set this up and will report frequently, what works for me.

just wanted to let you know, how this is going here :)

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Re: NVC-BMeQ - DEMO is NOW available !

Post by RJHollins » Fri Mar 07, 2014 9:56 am

Hi mathias !

Thank-you for reporting back on the DAW findings. This is very helpful.

What I'm very glad to hear is the 'experience' of working with the NVC. :D Even for me, I would experiment with the kernel presets, but it was such a disconnect. I also agree, being able to 'null' a gain settings is such a simple thing ... but what a powerful 'check what the heck I was doing' type of thing. Combined with access to the entire EQ all right there ...

I do sincerely hope everyone gives these controllers a serious tryout. Honestly ... those who have purchased it have sent me emails that express the same type of 'Wow'. I've also gotten some excellent suggestions for future versions. In fact, The NVC-Mammoth upgrade was from one client that sensed the same thing I was ... the NVC lets us worked at such a finer level, so quickly, that I had to go back and double the resolution of the Gain and Bandwidth controls.

We are still in early version 1 [or even less] with most of these. I already have several other major controllers ready to release. Each one of them brings a whole new working experience to the library they are designed for.

There is also a brand new NVC currently in the works for a very special EQ. This could be quite interesting. But I will only release it if it proves to be a valuable tool ... I won't know for absolute certain until I put it under working conditions.

The AITB DocFear is a library that I purchased early in my Nebula life. I have not used it as much ... but I did go back and started re-listening to it, and now understand why this EQ is liked so much. It just does nice things to the sound. I remember thinking that there were already some GUI panels out there that used 'parameter modulation' for the front end, and kinda put this EQ on the back burner. If the support is there, I will put a controller together that can do things beyond what 'PM' abilities are, and doesn't rely only on the Reaper DAW.

oh ... be sure to try out the CAL module to balance the gain structure of the chain. A pleasant surprise may result :lol: [just be sure to knock down your DAW volume a bit ... I use the -18dB for my general level ... and I did implement a 'ramp up' for these cal tones to avoid that INSTANT shock that I never liked to hear when using any type of cal tones.

Again ... thank-you, mathias, for all the testing and posting feedback.

It is sincerely appreciated.
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