Favorite Nebula 'analogue thickener'...

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Re: Favorite Nebula 'analogue thickener'...

Post by CoolColJ » Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:58 pm

SWAN wrote:
CoolColJ wrote:Swan -

you can hear the difference between my Jupiter 8 going through the Speck Xtramix then into Lynx Hilo, vs direct to Hilo here

http://www.gearslutz.com/board/gear-sho ... -hilo.html

Quite a difference, even more so with stereo sounds.
Personally it seems to "enhance" the sound better than the Waves and Cakewalk N**e channels....
...I mean - technically the speck is a clean line mixer so I cant see how it should make that much difference...def think there is something up with the hilo only sample...noise and a lower level...
It is what it is - no transformers, no tubes or anything, but it certainly changes the sound.
I've had it open before and it just has off the shelf opamps and simple discrete boards for each set of channels

The level difference is due to signal path, since the Xtramix has level pots :)
And noise like I said is due to different cables being used and signal path - oh yeah cables do effect sound too, but some people don't believe so :P

edit - a few more here

So if a simple line mixer can alter the sound that much, I expect a vintage console, with tubes or transformers, with lots more iron and wire in the signal path with EQ and so on to be way more coloured...

Back when I had an Allen and Heath console in the early 90s, Yamaha Pro mix digital mixer and a Mackie SR24-4, the difference in sound was huge!
The A&H had a beefy and thick and warm "British" sound. Pro Mix had a clean sheen and the Mackie a thinner more shiny American sound.

I don't seem to hear as much of a difference between all these console emulators
I hear more colouration difference between the digital out and DAC/analog outs of my synths, and between my various audio interfaces TBH....!

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