Henry Olonga Pro Series Libraries.. WoW

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Re: Henry Olonga Pro Series Libraries.. WoW

Post by mtalavera » Fri Oct 18, 2013 7:19 am

mightymosaic wrote:Honestly guys,Im not doing anything different from what that youtube link or david1103 wrote. It was trial and error and even after that every library is different. Some libraries when in timed mode have artefacts others barely add character and some create a HUGE difference.(My favorite is Henry's La2a library in timed mode with kernels set to 35 ms each, right after calkwalks la2a emulation) I do change the XML and create separate HQ versions of libraries i use often.
Thank you for the response. I have also seen both the david1103 post and the YouTube video and have created a TIMED version of Nebula I use on some occasions.

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Re: Henry Olonga Pro Series Libraries.. WoW

Post by dagovitsj » Sat Oct 19, 2013 12:20 pm

@ mightymosaic: Thanks!
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Re: Henry Olonga Pro Series Libraries.. WoW

Post by swartzfeger » Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:23 am

I've bought the following from Henry O. --

Mpassive THD

Girthy Mastering EQ
Girthy Filters
Girthy Bass
Girthy Drums
Girthy Guitar

Chiswick mojo

Ampeg Reverb-A-Rocket
Ampeg Bass amp

RND 5012 Pre

My very first night with Nebula I started with the Mpassive, and with some beginner's lack of experience and too much monkeying around, I mucked up my test mix in a heartbeat. Not the fault of the Mpassive at all, I definitely plan on revisiting this preset.

Didn't have a chance to even try the Ampeg RAR yet (I want to set aside quality time, not a quick demo). The quick demo of the Ampeg Bass amp didn't yield immediate success... the volume was noticeably lower, I had some volume automation on the test track and couldn't really demo it properly. Again, I need to 'mix into' this from the start to give it a proper and fair shake.

Chiswick comp mojo -- neither subtle nor blatant. An ineffable vibe that's neither sweet nor dirty. Can't describe it. Saying it adds weight makes it sound heavy; it's not. Presence doesn't quite work either. But I really like it.

RND Pre -- nice. Very subtle.

Girthy series -- this is like an analog mojo sledgehammer wrapped in cashmere coming down on your head. I use DMG Equilibrium in front of the Girthy presets and this is it. This is why I bought Nebula but didn't know why. Like heavy cream warmed on a wood-burning stove. So, so good.

Henry's Girthy presets alone are worth a Nebula purchase. I plan on doing some Girthy demos soon on bass/drums if anyone is interested.

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Re: Henry Olonga Pro Series Libraries.. WoW

Post by RJHollins » Tue Oct 29, 2013 10:30 am

I've not yet ventured in the 'Land of Girth' ... but after your description ...

I now need to check this out.

Shopping on Henry's site is a great way to get lost ... I somehow forget where I thought I saw something I was looking for ... and then forgot what it was ... :shock:

Hey ... it was scary for me too :lol:
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Re: Henry Olonga Pro Series Libraries.. WoW

Post by dream » Sat Nov 23, 2013 3:17 am

Hi Henry,

simple question of the day: I've noticed that in the 2022 (PRE) the default GDRIVE setting is -30. Which is the most "natural setting" (and by natural I mean the closer setting to the hardware)?

:) Eh eh, great presets.
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