S-609A BusCom+Limiter HUGE UPDATE (formerly Smooth609)

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Re: S-609A BusCom+Limiter HUGE UPDATE (formerly Smooth609)

Post by Cupwise » Tue Mar 19, 2019 9:15 pm

Just finished a HUGE UPDATE to this very old compressor library of mine, which brings it up to the same standards as all of my other comps (except slick 9k which still needs an update).

I can't overstate how major of an update this is. Skins have been added for both N3 and N4. The comp and limiter sections have been combined into one product, and even actually into one program.

Check out the skin at my site, and look at the videos graciously put together by Max.
http://www.cupwise.com/fx/shop/s-609a-m ... r-limiter/

A lot of stuff has changed since this is the first update for this library in over 5 years! So here are the updates:

* library 're-branded' / renamed to S-609A mk2. also, in the past, the 'Smooth 609' version was sold as two separate parts- one for the compressor section and the other for the limiter. now those two parts have been combined into one product. and actually, both sections have been combined into one program (as explained next).

* limiter program has been combined into the compressor program! the ratio control goes from the sampled 1.5 to 6:1 ratio settings from the compressor (and 1:1 from pass through samples), and then if you increase from there you're going to the sampled limiter section. i think users of the actual hardware rarely seem to use the limiter section, and i do think the limiter programs were less useful than the compressor ones, so it makes sense to combine them together. plus it's cool because now you can smoothly transition from 6:1 compressor setting to the limiter setting, and get stuff in between that isn't possible with the hardware but can be interesting.

* new skins for both nebula 3 and 4. the nebula 3 skins allow you to easily switch between lite, full, and shq versions.

* programs completely rebuilt, using the newer compression programming methods i've been using since flucti-mew, and have been updating all of my old compressors to use. this general improvement involves some of the things listed below but also some other changes not detailed. this is a pretty major change, with the biggest improvement being that the artifacts that could be heard with bass heavy inputs in the past are now gone, and the attack is much more precise at faster settings.

* vectors completely rebuilt- impulses were re-rendered from the originally sampled tone sweeps, allowing me to re-edit them with the same techniques i use for new releases today.

* attack and release behavior was completely reprogrammed to match hardware more closely and it's much more accurate than in the past.

* harmonics levels were re-balanced, to be more authentic to the hardware. generally this means they're increased by several db.

* lots of the sampled dynamic steps for harmonics have been removed as they weren't needed. improves resource use. the comp programs have been optimized further, with a simplified but still authentic harmonic scheme in the programming of the .n2p program files.

* pass-through program has been reduced down to 5k because hardware didn't have any harmonics beyond there. comp/limiter SHQ programs were reduced down to 7k from 10k.

* all of the extra programs (alt versions, obsolete fast attack version, and external sidechain versions which nebula doesn't support anymore) have been removed. they just added clutter and didn't really add much, and removing them lets me focus on perfecting the main compressor.

* the old '1k' '5k' and '10k' program choices have been replaced by 'lite' 'full' and 'shq', like i've been doing for years now with new compressors.

* programs formerly used 100% feedback in the detector but i've adjusted it to use a little feedforward signal also, because i think it gives results closer to the hardware where i have the ratio set now.

* the main old programs didn't have a look ahead control since they used 100% feedback, which means the look-ahead wouldn't work. i've added look-ahead now, and it works a little, since there is now some feedforward signal.

* added makeup control. because this is a feedback detection compressor, increasing the output can increase the amount of gain reduction. the hardware doesn't work that way but it can't be avoided in nebula due to internal routing. this is originally why i left the control out of the programs but i think it's better to have it than not.

* replaced the old 'dry' control that just added some dry signal back in to the output, with a new 'wet' control that actually acts as a typical wet/dry mixer control. it's way better and easy to get parallel compression now. really nice.

* manual largely re-written, and a new skin install manual added.

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Re: S-609A BusCom+Limiter HUGE UPDATE (formerly Smooth609)

Post by SWANG » Wed Mar 20, 2019 6:32 am

so excited for this update, tim. thanks for all you do! :)

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Re: S-609A BusCom+Limiter HUGE UPDATE (formerly Smooth609)

Post by roeland » Wed Mar 20, 2019 3:01 pm

Great update! The new version sounds much tighter and less mushy in the bass. I never had the privilige of using teh hardware, but (for what it's worth) to me this has an accurate analog like feel. Skin is nice yoo.

Thank you Tim!

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Re: S-609A BusCom+Limiter HUGE UPDATE (formerly Smooth609)

Post by cjperez » Wed Aug 28, 2019 9:17 pm

Got this library.... Excellent work Mr. Cupwise..
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