AITB releases APEq Collection (3 EQs + 1 Preamp)

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Re: AITB releases APEq Collection (3 EQs + 1 Preamp)

Post by richie43 » Wed May 29, 2013 5:48 pm

winrob wrote: wrote:Sampled, but not released.
We have our reasons for not releasing 96kHz.
Will you be releasing the 96kHz version in the future? Lots of people only use 96kHz now and dont want to waste the cpu resampling from 44.1kHz.
AITB knows their stuff, and from testing for them, I can only say that they do indeed have good reason for holding their 96kHz from release. And for the record, just as many people do not see or hear the value in working in 96kHz and are grateful for the 44.1kHz libraries that don't require the CPU load of down-sampling! There are enough choices in libraries out there to have everything that we all need.
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Re: AITB releases APEq Collection (3 EQs + 1 Preamp)

Post by scooter » Sun Jun 09, 2013 8:02 am

This library is absolutely insane! I've only been using EQ1, but I'm super impressed with the quality. WIth libraries like this, who needs to record any higher than 44.1khz?

Excellent job!

Thank you

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