a couple Bricasti M7 presets

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Re: a couple Bricasti M7 presets

Post by maye4 » Fri Sep 06, 2013 12:31 pm

timp wrote:Hi maye4 ,

I just downloaded and tried, I have the same problem.

The length's are not to long so I don't think it would be that after all

The only reason I said about tail lengths is because I had a problem when creating my spring reverb. So I'm afraid I don't know the reason why the src is not working on this one.

Thank you very much.I'm settled.The only thing I was afraid of were my system has some problems.

Is it too luxuary to hope that this will be solved by animus or a 96k verson will be available?

seriously,When I use sunset chamber,It's so natural and so convincing that I feel someone was singing in my room...

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