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Re: Bricasti M7

Post by Shibata » Mon Oct 29, 2018 2:58 pm

Hi guys!
Maybe someone knows.

In free ALL YOU CAN EAT BUNDLE on the site only at 44.1khz.
But all presets in there are differ from 96khz and 192khz from old releases, when Henry's libraries were retailing.

All of them contain GDRV function. And sounds better than 96 and 192.


Also, 96 and 192 have atavism like ATTCK, RELS, DRIVE and LIQDT faders, which is not in the new 44.1 bundle.
So, maybe Henry did some improvement for that free bundle.

I want to buy ALL YOU CAN EAT BUNDLE 96khz, but doubt, old ones or new improvement libraries there.
Is there anyone who bought it?

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