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Re: S*L Console?

Post by botus99 » Thu Oct 18, 2012 2:42 am

jpchartrand wrote:Why are there no "best" nebula libraries? I would think that not every 3rd party developer puts in the same amount of work and use the same quality of wires, converters, etc...?
You're right about differing quality in converters, cables, etc. The counter-argument is that the developers know their gear so well, that it really doesn't matter. I've gotten killer guitar tones from a $15 Radio Shack mic, why can't these developers get killer libraries from good (but not the best) converters?

There is definitely no "best" library just as there is no "best" plugin, EQ, Compressor, or Reverb ever. They are all tools. Some are right for the job, some aren't, but the bottom line is that through Nebula the sound is better than other plugins, hands down! And that's why we all love it :mrgreen:
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