AlexB - Vintage Sinth Filters

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Re: AlexB - Vintage Sinth Filters

Post by CoolColJ » Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:52 pm

jpchartrand wrote:I said it before and I'll say it again...the Korg filter from AlexB is my favorite Nebula so far.

Have you bought the other filters? Any feedback/comparisons?
I have the whole set.

Not much use when you can't modulate the cutoff, but I believe you can modulate VST in Reaper with an LFO.
And midi off course, not sure how smooth that is in Nebula.

There is an envelope follower and LFO in Nebula, but nobody knows how to use it :(

Basically Moog is creamy, thick and warm.
The other one is a multimode filter so has other filter types

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Re: AlexB - Vintage Sinth Filters

Post by CoolColJ » Mon Oct 22, 2012 1:49 am

Anyone have issues with glitching at the start of audio files when rendering with the line amps?

I get square waves glitches!
Lucky there was no audio at the start of the files I processed.
I think it's specific to these programs... AlexB you want to investigate this


Some comparisons of lineamps from the 3 sets.
The KRG (ms20) has a lot of bass boost, which I'm told is due to a bass boost circuit in the original synth.
MMG (Minimoog) is creamy and thick.

Original audio is from my Alesis Andromeda, which is already analog and has cloned Moog modular parts shrunk down to chips. Recorded direct to Lynx Hilo ... d+Comp.mp3

MMG ... ne+amp.mp3
KRG ... ne+amp.mp3
TSY ... ne+amp.mp3

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Re: AlexB - Vintage Sinth Filters

Post by Gorgol » Fri Sep 30, 2016 12:27 am

CoolColJ wrote:I bought the whole package recently. I own some real analog synths and used to have a MiniMoog.

I mostly got them to run some softsynths and digitals through them for the colour and tone. Also make my Alesis Andromeda (a real analog) even more MiniMoog like, even if it does have chip versions of the Moog Modular oscillators, filters and signal path :)

edit - I had to change the output levels of the line amp programs - too loud!
And resave them.


One thing AlexB - I dug into the Nebula menus and it seems to have envelope followers, LFOs, and envelopes so how do I use them to modulate the cutoff of these filter programs?
Nothing seems obvious in Nebula - I tried but can't make head or tail of anything here.... :?

If the envelope follower in Nebula works as I expect it to - it would be like a wah or dedicated hardware filter box, reacting to the signal level, and controlling the filter cutoff from it. Just the thing to smooth out the top end of softsynths in a dynamic fashion
So..did you get ENV or LFO control for filter cutoff to work?
Midi cc works really nice, but is a lot of hassle if you need just 1 envelope.

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