Erics gearing up for a nebula 1176

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Re: Erics gearing up for a nebula 1176

Post by RJHollins » Sun Mar 04, 2012 12:39 am

Just to confirm the same observations ...

I own two original hardware 1176's. [don't recall
the 'revision' letter at the moment ... but they are
of the 'early' persuasion].

In their earlier days, they STILL had a different sound
and response from each other. Differences were also
evident amongst other studio units.

I have the stereo adapter for these, but had to be
careful when I would go that route.

I'm sure that if I sent these 2 units out to someone
like J.Williams, he could tweak them closer to each

Anyway ... that can be the 'beauty' of analogue hardware.

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