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AlexB panner

Post by urowinner » Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:32 am

I've searched the forum but been unable to figure out exactly how to use AlexB's panner in Pro Tools HD (I'm using OSX).

I'm not certain this question is Pro Tools specific, however. Two questions:
1. Let's say I have two different guitar tracks and want to pan them <40 and >40 respectively....if these guitar tracks are mono, how can I use AlexB's panner to accomplish this? Simply initiating an instance of the panner in the channel strip doesn't allow me to pan across the stereo field. It basically gets louder or softer (to the point of silence) as I move the pan control fader.

2. If I have a stereo track (for a keyboard or even the 2bus), how can I use AlexB's panner to pan it stereo? If I split the track into two mono tracks in order to pan them independently, then I just run into the same issue of how to use AlexB's panner on mono tracks.
I tried putting two instances of the Panner into the 2bus, panning one hard L and the other hard R. This was not a magnificent success.

It's entirely possible that I'm missing some fundamental knowledge about how this all works. I've only been a Nebula user for a week, so I'm clawing my way up the learning curve. Thanks for any help!

SIDE NOTE: As suggested by Avid's forum, I removed the Stereo Mixer plugin from my active plug-in folder in order to set the panning law to 0 (Pro Tools has default of -3) so I don't just add AlexB's panning laws to the default DAW setting)

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Re: AlexB panner

Post by scooter » Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:15 am

I don't think they can be used easily in PT, not to mention the latency it will introduce.
You'd have to use them post fader and probably duplicate tracks as stereo files, panning one left and one right, and at that point it pulls me out of the "mixing" mind set, which means it's too much trouble. Alex's panning preset seems geared for Reaper. I see the same problem in Cubase, myself

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Re: AlexB panner

Post by RJHollins » Thu Jun 09, 2011 8:19 am

hmmm ...

I don't use Pro Tools, but [basically], you would use the 'Panner' on a stereo track.

So ... if you have a MONO track, it would need 'conversion' to a stereo [2ch] track [even though it would be 'identical' on both tracks. Then you can use the PANNER to ... pan the track into whatever STEREO buss [sub or master] you choose.

Now, maybe in PT, you would somehow change a tracks parameter from a single mono track into a single stereo track. Then you'd have panning.

The question is ... how are you panning the track using PT ONLY ??? If you can [normally], then CENTER the PT panner, add NEB Panner and you should be able to pan across the stereo field.

Not sure if this helped ya :|
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Re: AlexB panner

Post by enriquesilveti » Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:51 am

This is quite normal and I suggest to read PT user manual. In order to apply a plug-in with a ST stream in to output into a mono channel and mono audio signal you should select second Nebula listed as (mono/stereo) if not stereo Nebula output stream will be summed into a one mono channel in the output of the insert point if you do that is OK that in the center you lost - 3 dBFS due the AlexB PAP -3 is a -3 dBFS panlaw.

Under my test PT LE/HD 8 is a -2.5 dBFS of panlaw, for me to is less freedom to work than in Samplitude where you can setup panlaw for every track.

If you go to MAST page and decrease DSPBUFFER to 2048 PT HD will compensate latency generated by Nebula automatically.
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