And Another MBC Pro + R2R Example

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And Another MBC Pro + R2R Example

Post by ngarjuna » Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:12 pm

Recently I agreed to make a before/after sample for someone on the REAPER forums. I decided to post it here because most of the before/after examples you hear are just a couple of tracks; that's fine and good but nothing really takes the place of summing MBC+R2R on 20+ tracks and busses, it's just not as 'subtle' a difference (subtle being pretty subjective).

This whole process was very backwards for me; I'm used to processing then mixing. This time I had to mix first. I was pretty crude in doing so, the point of this exercise is not to see how well I can remix NIN but to compare with and without of console emulation + tape program. I used the NIN Discipline stems from because I have them laying around and have used them before in Nebula threads (though this isn't exactly comparable to the preamp comparisons from days of old).

So the Vanilla mix has a little volume automation, a few compressors (Vox, Bass, Drums off the top of my head) and a few filters (hi pass) and a buss compressor (I used Cytomic's the Glue for this). Reverb is me too (the stems are dry). That's pretty much it. I also have everything panned dead center, which will surprise you when you hear the mix (it's quite stereophonic). That's just how the original stem files are (already panned). 15 tracks routed into 5 busses. I will include a breakdown of which programs are used on which tracks in case anyone with the libraries in question cares.

Console emulation is the Modern Black Console Pro just released from AlexB.

Tape emulation is the Reel2Reel 15ips STU program set from CDSoundmaster. I used all 499 tape programs (which is my usual preference over the ATR). The 2-buss is the exception, it's running through the 15ips Otari using 499; that's just usually how I do it, Studer on the tracks and busses and Otari on the master. I didn't have the tape booster pack yet so it's not included in this demonstration (I may go back and add it for a third comparison when I get the chance).

Reverb is EMT 140 Plate program from VNXT.

TL;DR teh files are right here

Vanilla 16bit FLAC (34Mb)
Vanilla 320k MP3 (12Mb)

Nebulized 16bit FLAC (34Mb)
Nebulized 320k MP3 (12Mb)

I included the mp3s because inevitably someone always requests them but the FLACs are more telling (you can still hear the difference on the MP3s though).

And here's my track by track program listing. Format is like this:
Track: Console Input Program, Tape Program N dB (A | B)
BUSS: Console Buss Program, STU -N dB (A | B)

Drums: DI, -6dB A
Marimba: Line1, -15dB A
Percussion: Line3, -15dB B
DRUM BUSS: Buss2, -20dB A

Bass 1: DI, -10dB B
Bass 2: Line4, -6dB B
BASS BUSS: Buss1, -20dB B

Vox Lead: Mic1, -10dB A
Vox BG: Mic2, -10dB B
Vox Woo: MicVintage, -10dB B
Vox Verb: Send-Return, -20dB9 A
VOX BUSS: Buss3, -20dB A

GTR1 Riff: Mic 1, -6dB A
GTR2: Line 6, 0dB
GTR BUSS: Buss1, -20dB A

Piano: Line2, -15dB B
Tone: Line6, -20dB B
Xpander: Line 5, 0dB
KEY BUSS: Buss2, -20dB B

MASTER BUSS: Master Buss Modern, Otari15 +3 499 A

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Re: And Another MBC Pro + R2R Example

Post by chagalj » Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:48 pm

It is the first example which made me go for the Alexs console emulation, those examples on his web page just didnt do it for me, maybe the original mix was just too good or something.
And the difference here is much more than a subtle one. Thank you for doing this.

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