MBC Pro/R2R/TapeBoost+ Audio Demo

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MBC Pro/R2R/TapeBoost+ Audio Demo

Post by scooter » Mon Apr 19, 2010 5:32 am

Hello all!! :D

Just thought I'd post some standard audio demos using MBC Pro/R2R/TapeBoost+

This s beat using the LoopMasher plug in Cubase 5.
The first 4 bars is the LoopMasher dry.
The second 4 bars is with the MBC Pro MBM on the master and bus/line EMUs on the verb and parallel compression.
After that, I added the R2R Studer_-10_30a and the TapeSat44 1/4db. After that it goes up in increments in the Tape Boost+ (TapeSate) until +2db of saturation. The it returns to the LoopMasher dry and repeats it's above.

I find Tape Boost+ is a must with R2R!

Link to listen!
http://imdrecordings.com/audio/MBC_Pro_ ... O_hifi.mp3

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