New additions to Tube FM2

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New additions to Tube FM2

Post by Cupwise » Sat Feb 12, 2011 12:56 am

When I first released Tube FM2, I did it regretting that I couldn't figure out a way to include any '+' programs, like I had with Tube FM1. Then, right after release an idea came to me and I started working. I'm adding these to the set, and anyone who has already bought the set should be getting an email with a link to the update.

These + programs are made by enhancing the frequency response of some of the standard programs. This was done in as transparent of a way as I could come up with after much thought, and I think the overall feel of the original programs are preserved, but now with much higher fidelity than what the radios (or mics) were actually capable of.

Anyone who doesn't have the set but who is interested in checking the concept out, I'm adding another demo program to the set of demos for Tube FM2. If you already have the Tube FM2 demo set, and want the new + demo, get it by itself here:

This time instead of limiting the number of kernels I decided to give the higher kernel option of the program as a demo. The only limitation is that it is now a 44.1khz program, whereas the other demos are 96khz (and fewer kernels). This way you can really see what the effects are capable of by driving it hard. Try cranking the input and drive knob!

Oh, and you can look at the updated manual and compare the frequency responses of the new + versions to the original programs they were based off of, and see that they still share the same 'texture', but only the + versions are flatter. Manual and all other info about the set:


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Re: New additions to Tube FM2

Post by elam » Sat Feb 12, 2011 4:35 am

Tanks Tim.
Good job.
I will check this new release out.
Don't give up the hard work.Those libraries are really useful (and not just for sound d-sign...)

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