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Re: Free or Nebula Pro libraries in 96khz list

Post by _ben » Sat Aug 21, 2010 7:43 pm

Downsampling requires an anti-aliasing filter if you have recorded frequencies which are out of the Nyquist critera for the rate of destination.
For example going from 96khz to 44khz you need an anti-aliasing filter if your recording system, for example your microphone, is able to record frequencies bigger than 20khz which is not the case most of the time.
These high frequencies cause artefacts when downsampling if they are present. But as you can see most of the time they should not be there or coming from other noise sources.
By first applying a low pass filter to reduce the bandwith should allow you to eliminate this high frequencies and then you should be able to downsample your record normally.

But here, we are talking about programs using impulses in 44 or 96khz and impulses are not audio files.
I will be surprised that downsampling an IR will be the same thing then downsampling an audio file.

By the way on this link : ... Theory.pdf

at the end of the first page the writter says "We talk about impulse response when dealing with the time domain."

Maybe i'm wrong but i remember always to talk about impulse responses in frequencies domain and you have to make a convolution to go back to time domain.

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