What is/are closest Nebula3 emulations to Slate VCC ??

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Re: What is/are closest Nebula3 emulations to Slate VCC ??

Post by Melodist » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:22 pm

Why does his EQ have no harmonics?

Actually, his mixbus harmonics are correct, I've just measured it, I've got a center section racked.

But to me, rather the EQ was the point, which is kind of another big part of the console sound, and it has no harmonics, so what did he capture?

Because the picture i posted before was just eq + channel harmonics in my initial comparison.
mixbus harmonics, looks like he got that right.

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Re: What is/are closest Nebula3 emulations to Slate VCC ??

Post by botus99 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:55 pm

This is total threadjacking, but all I have to offer in regards to EQ harmonics is that the SPLIT-H kernel mode is at play here. I can't explain exactly what it is going on technically, but in the KERN page there is a CLASSC button in the upper right. When in CLASSC mode, the kernels appear in analyzers as one would expect. At least in the short test I just ran (forgot to screenshot, tried with other AlexB eq's since I don't have 4KeQ, and didn't research further).

Here's what I can't remember... how/why EQ's in Nebula are set to SPLIT-H over CLSSC mode? I know there's an answer out there, but I feel I've contributed enough for now. :lol:
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Re: What is/are closest Nebula3 emulations to Slate VCC ??

Post by plexus » Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:57 pm

Hi Melodist. I appreciate your skeptism. I think it's important to be skeptical of this kind of thing (accuracy of analogue emulation) because so many people are happy to just go with what they *think* sounds better. The subjective nature of audio can make the most tenured audio engineer err. Good audio engineers should always be skeptical and look for observable evidence to back up their subjective analysis.

However when doing so it's vital to do your testing as accurately as possible and that includes "stimuli" that are similar. For example this potential discrepancy between comparing an EQ model to a console model.

I look forward to any further results you come up with. The nature of creating Nebula programs means there are many potential variations in approach the engineer can take that may result in a product that does do what is claimed. It's good to have good quality objective evidence for these things.

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