Working with Nebula and free VSTAU&AU support timeframe??

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Working with Nebula and free VSTAU&AU support timeframe??

Post by greekpeet » Sat Apr 17, 2010 9:05 pm

So, I heard from some folks here that use the free VSTAU as suggested as an alternative to the fXpansion wrapper. I wouldn't have any issue in purchasing the paid wrapper but as it seems Giancarlo and friends are working on an AU.

So a few questions:
I've noticed that the wrapper doesn't report the latency Nebula reverb introduces to Logic which makes mixing a pain in the butt. Not HUGE deal but it can be pretty cumbersome at times to say the least.

Now I know Giancarlo and the group HATES working on the AU port, and they are actively porting. I do not like to make these guys feel rushed because at the end of the day they get to everything they say they do, and I respect their time and efforts into the matter. Any time frame?

No disrespect in asking but something to gauge would be awesome. Also I'd hate to have the AU development take away from what the developers feel are far more important issues.

A hypothetical, is it very difficult after said AU or even the OSX VST to become ported to a 64 bit version similar to the PC? Many months of development solely for that project, or is it a few thousand lines of code that need to be tweaked?? Personally if it isn't a HUGE work around or time killer then maybe in the next couple of months we can ask for a poll of OSX users to see how much they would pay extra for to cover developers costs and time. I'd personally pony up $100, no questions asked. I know we'd need more than 10 people but 10 people at $100 for the 'upgrade' is $1000. Some round numbers for example only.

I do appreciate the constant stream of upgrades, the beautiful new website, and hard work of both Michael, Alex B, Transcending Music, and VNXTs efforts. Also that guy who did the Tube1500 program, AMAZING STUFF!!

Thanks guys, and God Bless!

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Re: Working with Nebula and free VSTAU&AU support timeframe??

Post by giancarlo » Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:56 pm

in brief.
For point #1 the developer contacted me. We'll look togher for a solution

I'm working on that, I confess I'm pretty slow. I don't have a timeframe, but we should release it this year, I hope during the summer. The real issue is not AU development, but supporting actual customers and library developers, it steals a lot of time.

Speaking strictly about the code, we based the gui code on carbon, so porting will be a real pain. A possible workaround could be releasing a local server version for mac osx. Actually the windows version has a little issue: the CPU load is higher. So I'm working on a different local server version based on udp for both platforms.
In such case we could release it in easier way, we should just port the asm code.

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