Quick question about Nebula and 96k

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Re: Quick question about Nebula and 96k

Post by edbilleaud » Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:56 pm

Mercado_Negro wrote:Nebula will convert programs to your host sample rate when you load them if RATECONVERSION (RATE CNV in MAST page) is high enough. These are the settings I use, if anyone is interested:


There's something important I discovered a couple of months ago. GUI RATE and LOADER PR affects, dramatically, how long it takes to load programs and how responsive Nebula is (faders, meters, etc.).

I always suggest to run several tests with different DSPBUFFER settings and your audio card buffer size. For example, after several tests I've determined that my optional settings are 2048 (or 1024) for DSPBUFFER and 512 samples for my audio card. With these values I'm able to load 40-45 Nebula instances per project as well as many other plug-ins (and I'm just running a Core i5 with 4 GB of RAM). Run some tests and you'll surely find your optimal settings.

I work in REAPER 64-bits, Win7 64-bits.
Thank you so much for this information Mercado - very illuminating.
My Nebula instances for some reason seemed to be taking a long time to load, and the controls have always seemed to have a rough response - will try this. Thanks.

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